IHE Testing and Tools Committee Teleconference Minutes 2009-01-05

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  • Geert Claeys - Agfa
  • Didi Davis - HIMSS
  • Chris Lindop - GE
  • Cor Loef - Philips
  • Bill Majurski - NIST
  • Steve Moore - MIR
  • Eric Poiseau - INRIA
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo - RSNA
  • Chris Carr - RSNA


1. Connectathon Results Proposal - Charles Parisot/Geert Claeys

  • Reviewed Geert Claeys' draft proposal for results reporting
    • Current draft would report failed results also
      • Consensus of committee is that we should not report failed testing results
    • Current draft would distinguish prototype results from product results
      • Consensus of the committee is that IHE is not able to verify this information for publication
    • Original intent was to distinguish Trial Implementation from Final Text
      • Make that designation simply: Trial Implementation or Final Text; no way to convey Trial Implementation Profiles that are moved to Final Text without changes
  • Action Item: Geert will redraft simplified version of the proposal by next committee teleconference
  • Action Item: Committee will provide feedback to Eric's group on design of product registry and linkage to Connectathon results matrix

2. Connectathon Quality Assurance Guidelines - Cor Loef

  • Cor Loef's draft address processes as they are currently carried out
  • Next draft should incorporate language about:
    • Bureaucratic rules around Connectathon (eg, must be national deployment committee)
    • Use of IHE tools
    • Training/qualification requirements for Connectathon project managers
    • Recognition of results reporting in main database
  • Action Item: Chris Carr will develop new draft incorporating these elements prior to next committee tcon

3. Committee Charter - Chris Carr

  • Action Item: Chris Carr will contact David Monteau offline to schedule a review of final document

4. Licensing Terms - Chris Carr/Steve Moore

  • Washington University contracting office has objected to changes from the Apache license made in developing IHE license and contributor agreements.
  • Action Item: Chris Carr will arrange teleconference with Erin Brosnahan at Washington University to discuss changes from the Apache contributors agreeement

5. Product Registry - Eric Poiseau

  • Eric to provide update on next teleconference

6. Cypress Project - Chris Carr/Steve Moore

  • Resume schedule of teleconferences beginning with Jan. 20 teleconference
  • Steve Moore will confer with Rob Snelick (of NIST) about agenda for that teleconference.
  • Chris Carr to send out message to group about resuming calls

7. Use of Kudu by Malaysian Connectathon

  • Didi Davis and Chris Carr to send organizers of Malaysian Connectathon a response detailing the formal requirements for recognition of a Connectathon and suggest they consider their event demo preparation and proof of concept
  • Didi Davis and Chris Carr will inform organizers that no support is available for use of tool
  • Chris Lindop will steer organizers and participants away from using Kudu for demo preparation event
  • Chris Carr will work with Eric Poiseau and Steve Moore to set 2009 training dates for use of Kudu

8. Next Meeting:

  • Jan. 19 is a holiday in US; move next call to Monday, Jan. 26 and resume normal schedule on Monday, Feb. 2

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