IHE Testing and Tools Committee Teleconference Minutes 2008-01-21

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  • Chris Carr, RSNA
  • Geert Claeys, AGFA
  • Cor Loef, Philips
  • David Monteau, INRIA
  • Charles Parisot, GE
  • Eric Poiseau, INRIA


Development of Testing and Tools Business Strategy Package

Charles and Cor updated Committee on work of subcommittee developing a business strategy plan

  • Plan is for internal guidance, as well as for use in developing outreach materials for potential partners
  • Action: Chris will distribute current draft to Committee for review

Other Deliverables in TnT Committee Package:

  1. Membership agreement for Testing and Tools Committee: obligation to contribute, submit to review and approval
    1. Action: Chris Carr to develop for Committee review: Draft by 1-24 tcon
  2. General IP Policy for contributors to testing tools
    1. Action: David Monteau will develop for Committee review: Goal of draft by 1-24 tcon
  3. Agreement (MOU?) between participants in Technical Management Group: agreement between all of the contracted engineers overseeing test tools development
    1. Action: David will develop first draft in consultation with Eric, Steve and engineers and sponsor reps from IHE-J
  4. Committee charge and governance document; derive from governance document, but refine to specify procedures, reporting relationships, etc.
    1. Action: David and Chris will develop based on language from Principles of Governance document (plus org chart)

Next Teleconferences/Meetings

  • Thurs., Jan. 24, 9-10am CT
    • Agenda: Review refined Business Strategy and Member Agreement
  • Schedule Town Hall Meeting during HIMSS?
    • Action: Didi will investigate availability of space and other resources

Testing and Tools Committee