IHE Testing and Tools Committee Teleconference Minutes 2008-01-21

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  • Chris Carr, RSNA
  • Geert Claeys, AGFA
  • Cor Loef, Philips
  • David Monteau, INRIA
  • Charles Parisot, GE
  • Eric Poiseau, INRIA


Review updated IP policy proposal document (David Monteau)

David reviewed the essential conclusions of the Committee on key provisions of the licensing policy:

  • IHE will hold license to Testing Management Platform, which will be an integrated body of code
    • License for Testing Management Platform will be open source, freely distributed
    • License will not be "viral" open source in the sense of requiring all distributions and derivative works to be free and open source
    • License will include notice that credits all contributors to development; users of the code will be required to reproduce this credit statement
  • Licensing rights for Testing Modules will be retained by their developers
    • IHE will publish guidelines for the licensing terms to be used by contributors of Testing Modules to ensure that they are compatible with use in Connectathons and other applications and for free, open source distribution along with Testing Management Platform

Action: David Monteau will develop draft licensing language and guidelines for review by Committee

Development of Testing and Tools Business Strategy Package

Charles and Cor updated Committee on work of subcommittee developing a business strategy plan

  • Plan is for internal guidance, as well as for use in developing outreach materials for potential partners
  • Initial draft will be ready for review by Committee for Jan. 21 tcon
  • Action: Charles and Cor will work with Ed Larsen, Didi and Chris to develop draft and distribute to Committee for review
  • Business Strategy will be part of an overall package of deliverables to help define the mission and terms of membership of the Committee:

Committee Business Plan Deliverables:

  1. Membership agreement for Testing and Tools Committee: obligation to contribute, submit to review and approval
    1. Action: Chris Carr to develop for Committee review
  2. General IP Policy for contributors to testing tools
    1. Action: David Monteau will develop for Committee review
  3. Agreement (MOU?) between participants in Technical Management Group: agreement between all of the contracted engineers overseeing test tools development
    1. Action: David will develop first draft in consultation with Eric, Steve and engineers and sponsor reps from IHE-J
  4. Committee charge and governance document; derive from governance document, but refine to specify procedures, reporting relationships, etc.
    1. Action: David and Chris will develop based on language from Principles of Governance document (plus org chart)

Next Teleconferences/Meetings

  • Thurs., Jan. 24, 9-10am CT
    • Agenda: Review refined Business Strategy and Member Agreement
  • Schedule Town Hall Meeting during HIMSS?
    • Action: Didi will investigate availability of space and other resources

Testing and Tools Committee