IHE Testing and Tools Committee Teleconference Agenda 2011-05-23

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  • June 7-8 Meeting Planning
  • NIST HQ Logistics
  • Dial-in needed?
  • Meeting agenda:
  • Gazelle: Eric P/IHE-E
  • Test descriptions and test scripts: Steve Moore/IHE-NA
  • Validation Tools: NIST
  • Domain-by-domain, profile-by-profile tooling inventory
  • Identify status and gaps
  • Adapt tooling to updated infrastructure
  • Development Planning
  • Support of new domains and profiles
  • New test management capabilities
  • Integration of test management, test definitions, validation tools
  • Support of non-Connectathon testing
  • European project support
  • US "meaningful use" testing and certification support
  • Other projects and testing opportunitie

Testing and Tools Committee