IHE Testing and Tools Committee 2009-10-26 Teleconference Minutes

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  • Bill Majurski - NIST
  • Steve Moore - MIR
  • Cor Loef - Philips
  • Didi Davis - CareSpark
  • Lisa Spellman - HIMSS
  • Chris Carr - RSNA
  • Joan McMillen - RSNA
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo - RSNA


1) Test Data Repository

  • Currently several different branches of IHE assemble data (eg, messages, documents, images) to use in testing
  • DICOM Images and Structured Reports: images, nuclear medicine data gathered from participants and other sources
  • CDA documents: generated by participants, not organized or reused
  • There is no apparent overall organization of this data
  • Propose establishing some central directory/repository of IHE test data
  • Would be beneficial to create a repository of reusable reference objects for testing
  • NIST (Gavin O'Brien) is assembling synthetic test data objects for NHIN testing: have created their own Website and repositories
  • For vendor-generated objects (eg, images) it is not clear that participants will be willing to submit information for reuse
  • User sites may be a source for objects: questions about permissions and ownership of data
  • Connectathon provides opportunity to gather information; unclear whether other obstacles will prevent it
  • Need to make clear the objectives for gathering and reusing data
  • Federated model most likely to be successful
  • Steve will write a brief proposal for committee review
  • Chris Carr will ask legal counsel for general permission language
  • Resource would be made available for broader use: not restricted to Connectathon participants

2) Connectathon Mgr Training

  • Proposed date/location: June 8-10/Oak Brook
  • European event to be scheduled
  • Faculty, curriculum, logistics
  • Bill Majurski, Steve Moore
  • Bill and Steve to develop detailed agenda
  • Need to set "drop dead" date and minimum list of registrants
  • Three organizations minimum: at least one needs to be national/regional deployment group
  • Set cost
  • Targeted promotion
  • Marketing messages: broad usefulness in testing; adoption of IHE specs (eg, XDS) in HITSP, NHIN, etc.
  • IHE national deployment committees
  • HIEs, NHIN contractors, ONC (Ginger Price, Marianne Yeager)
  • OHT: Dr. Kolodner now informatics officer; VA Vista, Misys tools
  • CCHIT: Advanced Interop Workgroup, Dennis Wilson

3) Monitor Recruitment

  • Successful training event at SIIM
  • Further recruitment for NA, E Connectathons?

4) Gazelle Status

  • Registration module to be used for IHE-E Connectathon reg opening Nov. 1
  • Test system for acceptance testing about to be released

5) Product Registry

  • Chris Carr to repeat invitation for vendors to put integration statements in registry

6) NHIN Testing

  • Progress on hold pending resolution of security and privacy issues; requires FSNA compliance for exchange of information by federal partners
  • CareSpark ready to have IHE interface go live; also working with CMS on reporting initiative
  • Kaiser/VA link on hold
  • NIST and contract partners developing test plan for Connect Gateway reference implementation
  • Test date: Jan. 23

Testing and Tools Committee