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= Planning and overview =
== National initiatives ==
= National initiatives (for reference) =
* Spain (SACyL)
* Spain (SACyL)
* Germany (eCG)
* Germany (eCG)

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The Supply group in IHE is defining common mechanisms to support supply of health products in different domains and different workflows. The group is producing materials and providing alignment with other domains, SDOs and organizations.

The deliverables are

  • White paper on Supply
  • Extend IHE Pharmacy TF
  • Supply profiles

Schedule of meetings

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Work items


* Supply of Products for Healthcare (SPH)


* Supply of Products for Healthcare (SPH)

  • Includes actors and transactions

* Order and Delivery Management (ODM)

  • includes content specifications for: Order, Delivery

* Healthcare Inventory Management (HIM)

  • includes content specifications for Inventory Management

* New: Healthcare Product Automatic Identification

  • This work item should profile the use of barcodes in healthcare, attending at the recommendations in the white paper.

Work group and contacts

Name Email Address
José Costa Teixeira jose.a.teixeira [at] gmail.com
Simon Letellier simon.letellier [at] gmail.com
Marc Robberecht
Stéphane Spahni
Jacqueline Surugue
Leonidas Tzimis
Angela Merzweiler

National initiatives (for reference)

  • Spain (SACyL)
  • Germany (eCG)


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