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Work items

Pending issues

* Supply of Products for Healthcare (SPH)

    • Includes actors and transactions

* Order and Delivery Management (ODM)

    • includes content specifications for: Order, Delivery

* Healthcare Inventory Management (HIM)

    • includes content specifications for Inventory Management

* New: Healthcare Product Automatic Identification

    • This work item should profile the use of barcodes in healthcare, attending at the recommendations in this white paper.


  • Change Proposal 811 (v2.9): Differentiate Sending from Receiving in a dispense event.


  • Status: Ongoing HL7 discussion
  • FHIR Supply resource(s)
  • Status: Discussion ongoing, first analysis sent to HL7.

Resources for discussion: - Medication - MedicationPrescription - Supply - CarePlan - DeviceUseRequest - DeviceUseStatement (new resources as per analysis)

  • New (RDE?) event for "non-clinical dispense request"
  • Status: Must be discussed with HL7
  • RAS or RGV message for combined (usage and administration)
  • Status: Must be discussed with HL7


  • Input from ITI, RAD, PCC, etc.
  • Pharmacy Formulary


Alignment with Dispense Record


Permissions to republish material,


Include GS1 as new standard to be profiled - need to suggest and approve template.