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The Patient Care Device Domain of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise Invites You to Learn More

The IHE PCD provided demonstrations of interoperable messages at the 2013 AAMI meeting. This Wiki page summarizes the demonstration and provides information and links to make additional information readily available.

The Demonstrations

The PCD Domain demonstrated the benefits of currently available standards-based messaging for:

• Physiologic and certain device operational data
• Alarms, alerts, events and location as desired to clinicians or to electronic records (e.g., EMRs, CISs).
• Infusion pump medication delivery for improved safety (support of the five rights medication administration)
• Implantable cardiac device data (not demonstrated)

The following were demonstrated to showcase efforts that are just beginning:

• Device condition and status messages to CMMS – enabling improved device management, increased safety, cost savings, regulatory compliance and increasing user satisfaction
E.g., device failure, self-test results, battery condition, operational status, versions, patches
• Location Services – messages from RTLS systems to CMMS
E.g., locating the device with a failure alert, providing users with location in biomed and facilitating communication between biomed and user
• Combined CMMS/LS data – enable proactive response to failure or marginal performance (potentially before the user is aware), to improve management of capital equipment and better purchasing/rental decisions relying upon increased accuracy of utilization data

Other work is underway. This includes messages that don't rise to the level of alarms; i.e., they are of interest but don't require immediate intervention. To learn more about messaging alerts and events and other work in process please contact the PCD: pcd@accenet.org.

Posters From the Booth Are Available

You may find the posters helpful in discussions and education. These are available for your use if you don't edit/modify them. If you share any please credit the IHE and PCD who retain copyright ownership unless another copyright owner is identified.

Posters are found at ftp://ftp.ihe.net/Patient_Care_Devices/Showcases/AAMI2013June_Posters/.

An effort was made to make the poster file names easy to understand. To make finding a few easier:

Introductory Posters:
IHE & MEM Poster (IHE and PCD high level with Medical Equipment Management described
Device Connectivity (Wheel)
User Handbook
Standards for Clinical Device Connectivity
Commercially Available
IV Pump and Medication Delivery
PIV Poster
IPEC Poster
Of Particular Interest to Developers
Rosetta Terminology Management
Standards for Clinical Device Connectivity
Completing the Last Mile
The Acronyms
ACM: Alert Communication Management; DEC: Device Enterprise Communication; EC: Event Communication; WCM: Waveform Content Module;

Handouts are Available

Please refer to the handouts found at ftp://ftp.ihe.net/Patient_Care_Devices/Showcases/AAMI2013June_Handouts/

To Learn More

More information about the IHE is at http://www.ihe.net and about the PCD is at http://www.ihe.net/pcd

To Participate

Organizational membership in IHE: http://www.ihe.net under Governance

Participation in the PCD: email pcd@accenet.org

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