IHE Lab Meeting Minutes 05/14/2013 DRAFT

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IHE Laboratory Domain Conference Call

2013-05-14 9:00 AM Eastern U.S.

Attendees: Dmytro, Eric, Ed, Sondra, Filip, Daniel M, Daniel N, Alessandro, Mary, Harry, Anna


  • Francois will put together educational webinar for LAB domain – deadline for topics is 5/15
  • Goal of webinar series for newbies to domain or connectathon – webinar is July 24
  • Next F2F is October 15-17, in Tokyo at JAHIS Office
  • ELGA Gap Analysis –Discussion move to next call
  • LCC Profile: Discussion moved to next call

LAW update:

  • Completed round 1 CPs – still accepting feedback on these
  • Ed is reviewing the CP Harry proposed to ensure that the current CPs are covering these issues related to images
  • Hope to be able to vote on these end of June
  • Round 2 of CPS underway for several other topics – should have drafts out by end to May
  • Met with Eric and his team to put together testing infrastructure – feedback is welcome
  • IICC will be at AACC (week of July 29 in Houston) – progress is being made
  • LAW benefits over current situation and what the creation of testing infrastructure – hope to demo some of that testing at AACC
  • Upcoming conferences: Table will be updated- Additional information to come
  • Ed is at IICC board meeting on 5/20 – may have more details after that
  • CLSI standard based on LAW – expecting project approval during AACC meeting timeframe – that should start their documentation work to take to their consensus approval process Q3

XD-lab Profile:

  • Created lab reports for 17 conditions. Would it be helpful to include all of them? How do we want to share what we have, would it be beneficial to share these with IHE.
  • We are discussing at PHDSC how to best introduce this information to the world – PHDSC wiki, IHE examples,
  • IHE in the past folks have just submitted examples to IHE – consider creating subfolders for different jurisdictions – US vs France, allow implementers to browse
  • Last year PHDSC developed case reports for conditions in MDHT
  • PCC is working with Steve Moore to move their content into MDHT, so they can generate content profiles through MDHT – should we get engaged in discussions with PCC and others implementing MDHT – can we put to the lab examples into MDHT somehow?
  • Steve Moore in the learning curve of MDHT – can follow up with him, or does this need to go into the cross-domain call at IHE
  • Eric has talked to Steve – plan is to harmonize content profiles to be generated from MDHT
  • Good to have examples from different areas - micro, blood-bank, chemistry – how to group batteries etc
  • Would like to see XD-lab profile in MDHT in the long run

Next Scheduled Call: June 11, 2013