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Scope and Current Work

The IHE International Board is the broadest oversight body of IHE and is responsible for overall management, direction, coordination and governance. It performs this by management of IHE international development activities, oversight of the deployment activities conducted by the partner national and regional deployment organizations.


Meeting Date Meeting Material
2019-12-12 Agenda Minutes
2019-11-14 Agenda Minutes
2019-10-10 Agenda Minutes
2019-09-12 Agenda Minutes
2019-08-08 Agenda Minutes
2019-07-11 Agenda Minutes
2019-06-13 Agenda Minutes
2019-05-09 Agenda Minutes
2019-04-11 Agenda Minutes
2019-03-14 Agenda Minutes

IHE Surgery Report DCR-013-00 Education Committee Charter DCR-014-00 Add Charter of Conformity Assessment Coordination Committee (updated)

2019-02-14 Agenda Minutes

IHE Czech Republic National Deployment Committee IHE Japan Deployment Committee Report

2019-01-10 Agenda


IHE Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Report

IHE International Board Archive

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