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The tables below lists the Document Sharing format codes (FormatCode), template identifiers, and media types used by the Document Sharing "Document Content" Profiles.

This page represents:

  • Code System
  • Value Set

IHE defined Format Codes

Note that the code system for these codes is as assigned by the ITI Domain for codes used for the purposes of cross-enterprise document sharing (XDS). For more information see ITI - OID assignment

These codes are part of the IHE FormatCodes ValueSet identified by
Note these codes have been pulled into a FHIR value set -- http://hl7.org/fhir/ValueSet/formatcodes
These codes have been published by IHE on the IHE FTP - FHIR directory as a FHIR CodeSystem and FHIR ValueSet. See Implementation Material

Profile Format Code Media Type Template ID
PCC Profiles
Medical Summaries (XDS-MS) urn:ihe:pcc:xds-ms:2007 text/xml (Referral) (Discharge Summary)
Exchange of Personal Health Records (XPHR) urn:ihe:pcc:xphr:2007 text/xml (Extract) (Update)
Emergency Department Referral (EDR) urn:ihe:pcc:edr:2007 text/xml
Antepartum Summary (APS) urn:ihe:pcc:aps:2007 text/xml
Emergency Department Encounter Summary (EDES) urn:ihe:pcc:edes:2007 text/xml (Triage Note) (Nursing Note) (Composite Triage and Nursing Note) (Physician Note)

Antepartum Record (APR) - History and Physical urn:ihe:pcc:apr:handp:2008 text/xml (Antepartum History and Physical)
Antepartum Record (APR) - Laboratory urn:ihe:pcc:apr:lab:2008 text/xml (Antepartum Laboratory)
Antepartum Record (APR) - Education urn:ihe:pcc:apr:edu:2008 text/xml (Antepartum Education)
Immunization Content (IC) urn:ihe:pcc:ic:2008 text/xml (Immunization Detail)
Cancer Registry Content (CRC) urn:ihe:pcc:crc:2008 text/xml  
Care Management (CM) urn:ihe:pcc:cm:2008 text/xml  
Routine Interfacility Patient Transport (RIPT) urn:ihe:pcc:ript:2017 text/xml
Triage Notes (TN) urn:ihe:pcc:tn:2007 text/xml .
Nursing Notes (NN) urn:ihe:pcc:nn:2007 text/xml .
??? (???) urn:ihe:pcc:ctn:2007 text/xml .
??? (???) urn:ihe:pcc:edpn:2007 text/xml .
??? (???) urn:ihe:pcc:hp:2008 text/xml .
Labor and Delivery History and Physical (LDHP) urn:ihe:pcc:ldhp:2009 text/xml .
Labor and Delivery Summary (LDS) urn:ihe:pcc:lds:2009 text/xml .
Maternal Discharge Summary (MDS) urn:ihe:pcc:mds:2009 text/xml .
??? (???) urn:ihe:pcc:nds:2010 text/xml .
Postpartum Visit Summary (PPVS) urn:ihe:pcc:ppvs:2010 text/xml .
??? (???) urn:ihe:pcc:trs:2011 text/xml .
Emergency Department Transport Summary (ETS) urn:ihe:pcc:ets:2011 text/xml .
Interfacility Transport Summary (ITS) urn:ihe:pcc:its:2011 text/xml .
Paramedicine Care Summary – Clinical Subset (PCS-CS) urn:ihe:pcc:pcs-cs:2018 text/xml
Paramedicine Care Summary – Complete Report (PCS-CR) urn:ihe:pcc:pcs-cr:2018 text/xml
ITI Profiles
Scanned Documents (PDF) urn:ihe:iti:xds-sd:pdf:2008 text/xml (Scanned Document)
Scanned Documents (text) urn:ihe:iti:xds-sd:text:2008 text/xml (Scanned Document)
Basic Patient Privacy Consents urn:ihe:iti:bppc:2007 text/xml (BPPC with no scanned part)
Basic Patient Privacy Consents with Scanned Document urn:ihe:iti:bppc-sd:2007 text/xml (BPPC with scanned part)
XDW Workflow Document urn:ihe:iti:xdw:2011:workflowDoc text/xml N/A
DSG Detached Document urn:ihe:iti:dsg:detached:2014 text/xml N/A
DSG Enveloping Document urn:ihe:iti:dsg:enveloping:2014 text/xml N/A
Advanced Patient Privacy Consents urn:ihe:iti:appc:2016:consent text/xml N/A
none urn:ihe:iti:xds:2017:mimeTypeSufficient undefined note: CP-ITI-1060: may be used when mimeType is sufficient
LAB Profiles
CDA Laboratory Report urn:ihe:lab:xd-lab:2008 text/xml (Laboratory Report)
Radiology Domain Profiles
XDS-I CDA Wrapped Text Report (XDS-I) urn:ihe:rad:TEXT text/xml .
XDS-I PDF (XDS-I) urn:ihe:rad:PDF application/pdf Note PDF/A without CDA wrapper.
XDS-I Imaging Report with Structured Headings (XDS-I) urn:ihe:rad:CDA:ImagingReportStructuredHeadings:2013 text/xml .
Cardiology Domain Profiles
Cardiology Cath Report Content (CRC) urn:ihe:card:CRC:2012 text/xml (Cath Report Content)
Cardiology Electrophysiology Implant/Explant Report Content (EPRC-IE) urn:ihe:card:EPRC-IE:2014 text/xml (EP Report Content)
Cardiac Imaging Report (CIRC) urn:ihe:card:imaging:2011 text/xml (Cardiac Imaging Report)
Cardiac Procedure Note (CPN) urn:ihe:card:CPN:2017 text/xml (Cardiac Procedure Note)
Dental Domain Profiles
Dental CDA Wrapped Text Report (DENT) urn:ihe:dent:TEXT text/xml .
Dental PDF (DENT) urn:ihe:dent:PDF application/pdf Note PDF/A without CDA wrapper.
Dental Imaging Report with Structured Headings (DENT) urn:ihe:dent:CDA:ImagingReportStructuredHeadings:2013 text/xml .
QRPH Profiles
QRPH Profiles urn:ihe:qrph:xxxxx:yyyy text/xml (QRPH_Registry)
Birth and Fetal Death Reporting - LDS-VR urn:ihe:qrph:LDS-VR:2013 text/xml (QRPH_Registry)
BFDR Birth CDA document urn:ihe:qrph:BFDR-Birth:2014 text/xml (QRPH_Registry)
BFDR Fetal Death CDA document urn:ihe:qrph:BFDR-FDeath:2014 text/xml (QRPH_Registry)
Prescription Repository Query (PRQ) urn:ihe:qrph:prq:2019 text/xml (QRPH_Registry)
Vital Records Death Reporting urn:ihe:qrph:vrdr:2013 text/xml Vital Records Death Reporting Document ( (QRPH_Registry)
Medical Summary for VRDR Pre-pop urn:ihe:qrph:ms-vrdr:2013 text/xml Medical Summary for VRDR Pre-pop ( (QRPH_Registry)
Anatomic Pathology Profiles
Pathology ??? urn:ihe:pat:apsr:all:2010 text/xml .
Pathology ??? urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:all:2010 text/xml .
Pathology ??? urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:breast:2010 text/xml .
Pathology ??? urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:colon:2010 text/xml .
Pathology ??? urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:prostate:2010 text/xml .
Pathology ??? urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:thyroid:2010 text/xml .
Pathology ??? urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:lung:2010 text/xml .
Pathology ??? urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:skin:2010 text/xml .
Pathology ??? urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:kidney:2010 text/xml .
Pathology ??? urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:cervix:2010 text/xml .
Pathology ??? urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:endometrium:2010 text/xml .
Pathology ??? urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:ovary:2010 text/xml .
Pathology ??? urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:esophagus:2010 text/xml .
Pathology ??? urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:stomach:2010 text/xml .
Pathology ??? urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:liver:2010 text/xml .
Pathology ??? urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:pancreas 2010 text/xml .
Pathology ??? urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:testis:2010 text/xml .
Pathology ??? urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:urinary_bladder:2010 text/xml .
Pathology ??? urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:lip_oral_cavity:2010 text/xml .
Pathology ??? urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:pharynx:2010 text/xml .
Pathology ??? urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:salivary_gland:2010 text/xml .
Pathology ??? urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:larynx:2010 text/xml .
Pharmacy Profiles
Pharmacy ??? urn:ihe:pharm:pre:2010 text/xml .
Pharmacy ??? urn:ihe:pharm:padv:2010 text/xml .
Pharmacy ??? urn:ihe:pharm:dis:2010 text/xml .
Pharmacy ??? urn:ihe:pharm:pml:2013 text/xml .

HL7 defined FormatCodes

These codes are used with the IHE codesystem The codes were requested from the HL7 Structured Documents Workgroup by PCC, and so are proper IHE codes even though defined by HL7, as is evidence by their URN prefix of urn:hl7-org.

These codes are defined in HL7 at http://wiki.hl7.org/index.php?title=CDA_Format_Codes_for_IHE_XDS

These codes are part of the IHE FormatCodes ValueSet identified by

Display Format Code Media Type Template ID
HL7 defined FormatCodes
C-CDA 1.1 constraints using a structured body urn:hl7-org:sdwg:ccda-structuredBody:1.1 text/xml See C-CDA R1.1
C-CDA 1.1 constraints using a non structured body urn:hl7-org:sdwg:ccda-nonXMLBody:1.1 text/xml See C-CDA R1.1
C-CDA 2.1 constraints using a structured body urn:hl7-org:sdwg:ccda-structuredBody:2.1 text/xml See C-CDA R2.1
C-CDA 2.1 constraints using a non structured body urn:hl7-org:sdwg:ccda-nonXMLBody:2.1 text/xml See C-CDA R2.1

HL7 C-CDA R2.1 Implementation Guide

other non-FormatCode codes in CodeSystem

code system identifier (scheme): These codes are not used in formatCode, they are used in evenCodeList.

These codes are not part of the IHE FormatCodes ValueSet identified by

Display Code XDW use
open urn:ihe:iti:xdw:2011:eventCode:open overall status of the workflow is open
closed urn:ihe:iti:xdw:2011:eventCode:closed overall status of the workflow is closed

DICOM defined FormatCodes

code system identifier (scheme): 1.2.840.10008.2.6.1

These codes are part of the IHE FormatCodes ValueSet identified by

Profile Format Code Media Type Template ID
DICOM defined FormatCodes
DICOM KOS (Image Manifest)(XDS-I) 1.2.840.10008. application/dicom Not applicable