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Discussion points:

We have been experimenting and the IG Publisher does meet our goals. The PoC that we have so far consists of:

  1. A base IG template (currently experimenting with a fork of one of the DaVinci IGs, will adapt to others as needed)
  2. A base profile - an IG with just a few pages (currently one)
  3. Instructions on how an editor can use these to get a local build
  4. An IHE location for uploading profiles (WIP)
  5. Instructions on how an editor can add content to the "base" profile (WIP)

Short-term ideas and needs (to reach an MVP):

  1. Editing:
    1. Need: Allow users to import page content from another formats (e.g. MS Word .docx) (Working on it)
    2. Need: Ability to use "Content templates" so that every IHE ig automatically uses the basic set of pages (front page, some common parts) and user does not define those
  2. Publishing tools
    1. Continue improving the IHE IG template
    2. Need: Can we use different Jekyll themes?
      1. Need: Use plantUML (MIT license) to render workflow definitions and examples
      2. Idea: Use plantUML to render actor diagrams
    3. Further improve user tools to validate content and run the build process (1)
  3. Technical artefacts
    1. Define naming convention
  4. Shared Repositories
    1. Need: Ability to base a profile on an existing profile, and import / display the base profile. Example: if Pharmacy further profiles an ITI profile, users should be able to track this. Or national extensions...
    2. Idea: Add Swagger to the mix
    3. Need: if we publish 100+ IGs, shouldn't we be able to reuse the framework? Icons, .css and .js files, etc.

Will contribute these improvements to HL7 (FHIR Toolkit, templates, etc.)