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IHE Profile is a “special flavour” of a FHIR Implementation guide

  • Look and feel managed by IHE, editors have no need to change.
  • Mandatory content is prefedined (by documentation team)
    • Do we define profile type to constrain what kind of content becomes mandatory?
  • Contains descriptive content and structured content (which are FHIR artefacts)

Structured Content

IHE will have a governed set of artefacts created by editors

  • Glossary
  • Actors
  • Transactions
  • Conformance artifacts
    • Workflows
    • Content
    • Value Sets
    • Example Content
    • Example Workflows

An IHE Profile author will create, reuse or update these. A process and repository are needed

Editor experience

Editors will have two types of content

  • Text / html content
  • Structured artefacts (automatically rendered content)

Editors can use text editors or dedicated WYSIWYG editing

Editors will submit get and submit content via github, or via zip if not available


IHE content will be published via the same publication process.