IHE Domain Coordination Committee 2008-11-11 Teleconference Minutes

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  • Jason Colquitt, QRPH Tech
  • Todd Cooper, PCD Tech
  • Manuel Metz, ITI Tech
  • Michael Nusbaum, ITI Plan
  • Kevin O'Donnell, Radiology Plan
  • Charles Parisot, ITI Plan
  • Tone Southerland, QRPH Tech
  • Karen Witting, ITI Tech
  • Steve Moore, MIR
  • Didi Davis, HIMSS
  • LaVerne Palmer, HIMSS
  • Lisa Spellman, HIMSS
  • Celina Roth, HIMSS


General Committee Business

1. Roll Call - Quorum not attained

  • Email to Co-chairs list; list attendance gaps; suggest timing of next call and request response
  • Make this call a mandatory reorientation call: Jan. 6
  • Action Item: Chris Carr will create one-page highlights as part of the agenda linking to key elements (process page)
  • Action Item: Domain Secretaries confirm attendance of their committee co-chairs

2. Approval of Minutes

3. Schedule Future Agenda Topics for upcoming meetings

4. Review previous action items

  • Collect completed items and remove from table; send link in future agendas and request committee to review

Domain Coordination Checkpoint Announcements

IHE Radiology

  • Profiles Selected (Minutes)
    • Basic Image Review - New Profile defining baseline display
    • Enhanced DICOM Objects - New Profile to normalize how certain types of studies are represented/handled using Enhanced DICOM; initially CT/MR Contrast Perfusion & MR Diffusion
    • PDI Extensions - Address the use of DVDs, USB, Compression & Encryption for imaging data on media
    • XDS-I Using XDS.b - Address the shift in XDS protocols
    • TF Maintenance - CPs
    • It looks possible that Rad Tech may also update Scheduled Workflow to reuse PAM registration and patient management transactions
  • Brainstorming Meeting: Nov 10-13 @ RSNA HQ
  • Review progress on Action Item for Planning Committee Co-chairs to provide links to minutes documents where evaluation of profiles to be incorporated in Final Text Versions takes place

Domain Coordination Issues

1. ITI plans to survey other domains to request their input on required work items

  • ITI intends to take on a more generalized road mapping function

2. ITI, PCC and QRPH Profile Work Coordination

  • Joint meeting time on neo-natal profile development; chronic disease management
  • ITI and QRPH will work together on multi-patient query issues

3. HL7 Task Force Update

  • Status update from Vassil and Yongjian

4. Proposal to Change Publication Schedule for Technical Committees

  • Current status of critical CPs
  • PIX/PDQ Supplement revision completed and ready to be published, tested
  • Policies and deadline for new/revised profile publication and CP processing/publication
  • Connectathon Project Managers and Sponsors need to communicate a deadline to Technical Committees; possible that there will be some negotiation on critical items
  • Revised supplements are the problematic cases; when do you test the new vs. old version
  • Action Item: Domain Sponsors to devleop generalized definition of publication process for CPs, profiles and Technical Frameworks

Documentation, Websites and Public Information

1. Domain and Profile Descriptions

  • Domain descriptions document has been circulated and commented on; content needs to be posted to Wiki and ihe.net domain pages
  • Publish current versions in order to satisfy needs of ISO review
  • Need better differentiation of domain missions; eliminate overlapping missions from, eg, PCD and Lab
  • Include discussion of domain missions statements as part of general roadmap planning
  • Have the Domain Coordination Committee and Board review and approve domain scope descriptions; request clarification where scope statements are redundant
  • Profile Descriptions: for near term publish links to Wiki pages on ihe.net; long-term plan is to move all the Wiki-level descriptions to www.ihe.net

2. Technical Framework Publication Page(s)

  • Technical Framework Template Review and Update
    • ITI Tech Proposals
    • Karen Witting, Steve Moore and Lynn Felhofer will have a Webex session on implementing a redesigned layout for publication of the ITI Technical Frameworks and Supplements

3. Recruitment Brochure message for clinicians to participate in Domain Committees

4. Connectathon Results Reporting Proposal

  • Three levels of reporting: trial implementation; final text; final text with integration statement

Governance Implementation

1. ITI notes on implementing governance in domain committees

2. Roadmap Development

  • ITI to report on Dec. 9 tcon on its strategic planning process and how it might be generalized to include input from other domains
  • Move this item under Domain Coordination Issues on subsequent agendas
  • Need to keep communication link with Board in strategic planning to ensure international and cross-domain review of priorities; request that affected groups designate representatives to participate in planning in ITI and other domains

Next Tcon

  • November 25, 10:00am - 11:30am CST
  • Review 2009 Teleconference Schedule
  • Dec. 9; Jan 6 every two weeks

Domain Coordination Committee