IHE Domain Coordination Committee 2008-07-22 Teleconference Minutes

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General Committee Business

1. Roll Call

  • Todd Cooper, Jason Colquitt, Bruce Curran, John Donnelly, Ana Estelrich, Francois Macary, Manuel Metz, Mike Nusbaum, Kevin O'Donnell, Didi Davis, Lisa Spellman, LaVerne Palmer, Nichole Drye-Mayo

2. Approval of June 11 Minutes

  • Minutes Approved: one abstention

3. Approval of June 24 Minutes

  • Minutes Approved (Note: Coordination Checkpoints should list specific profile names.)
  • Action: Didi will add profile name to June 24 and July 22 minutes

4. Schedule Future Agenda Topics for upcoming meetings, as appropriate.

  • Start scheduling future agenda items with specific target dates

5. Review previous action items

  • List was not reviewed due to shortage of time and incomplete status.
  • Action: Didi will update the completion status of the items for next meeting

Domain Coordination Checkpoints

  • LAB
    • Evaluating for Final Text: <list of profiles>
      • All LAB profiles were previously Trial Implementation
      • All Profiles will be going to Final Text.
      • A formal Final Text evaluation was not done. LAB Cmte was not aware of a Final Text process.
      • Action: Francois will back-fill evaluation notes for each of the profiles based on (and perhaps improving on) the Radiology example.
    • Publishing Final Text: <list of profiles>
      • Input was requested from PCC and ITI Technical Committees
      • A meeting was scheduled <date? link?> between LAB/PCC/ITI to discuss

Domain Coordination Issues

1. Vote on Proposed Template V7

  • Template approved.
  • Mike N. proposed reviewing the HITSP templates (which are much more complete). There may be things we can borrow/learn to improve our templates.
  • General agreement to do such a review later in 2008 prior to the start of the 2008-09 development season.
  • An item was added to the Future Agenda Topics tagged for Nov 2008.

2. Review and discuss revised 3.Y.4.1

  • There was not much text to review.
  • No issues were raised or concerns expressed.

3. The process for building CDA-based content profiles crosses multiple domains (ITI, PCC, Lab for now) and requires coordination among the domains. CDA-based content profiles should have common building blocks and references across domains where common content is desired. The domains need a mechanism to support this coordination effort.

<< The meeting was adjourned due to lack of time and the following items were not discussed. They will be rolled into a future meeting. >>

4. Review vol. 3 of Lab Technical Framework.

Documentation, Websites and Public Information

  • Recruitment message for clinicians to participate in Domain Committees
  • Process refinements to encourage and facilitate clinical participation

Governance Implementation

1) Vote on proposal to change the way the pluses are used in rosters for voting purposes.

Example http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=ITI_Technical_Committee_Roster

2) IHE Membership Requirements

  • Review of requirements
  • Schedule update of rosters