IHE Domain Coordination Committee 2008-06-24 Teleconference Minutes

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Todd Cooper (PCD Tech), John Donnelly (PCC Plan), Ana Estelrich (QRPH Plan), Manuel Metz(ITI Tech), Mike Nusbaum (ITI Plan), Mike Schmidt (Eye Care Tech), Karen Witting (ITI Tech) Steve Moore (MIR), Didi Davis (HIMSS), LaVerne Palmer (HIMSS) Lisa Spellman (HIMSS), Nichole Drye-Mayo (RSNA), Joan McMillen (RSNA)

General Committee Business

1. Roll Call

2. June 11 Minutes not approved. Quorum not achieved. June 11 Minutes

3. Schedule Future Agenda Topics for upcoming agendas as appropriate

4. Review previous action items

Domain Coordination Checkpoints

  • PCC
    • Opening Public Comment: some profiles and whitepapers - Input Deadline: July 18:
      • Antepartum Record (APR)
      • Care Management (CM)
      • Cancer Registry Pathology Report (CPR)
      • Immunization Content (IC)
      • Query for Existing Data (QED)
      • White paper: Medical Home
      • No specific input requested
  • QRPH
    • Opening Public Comment: some profiles and whitepapers - Input Deadline: July 18:
      • Clinical Research Data Capture (CRD)
      • White Paper: Performance Measure Data Element Structured for EHR Extraction
      • No specific input requested
  • LAB
    • Publishing Final Text: Volume 3
      • Requires input by PCC and ITI Technical Committees

Domain Coordination Issues

1. Proposed update to the supplement template to clarify sections

Proposed template V5
Update of Proposed Template V5b addressing additional cleanup.
Update of Proposed Template V6 addressing additional cleanup for current year work.
Update of Proposed Template V7 includes changes from 6/24 tcon. Please provide suggested updates by Tuesday, July 1,2008 and be ready to vote for approval at the next Domain Coordination Committee meeting on July 8 2008.

Version 6 template revisions below. Delete final text in this supplement template.

Add general email (ie ihe@himss.org or ihe@rsna.org) by authors name. Authors can add personal email if they want but not required.

Add brackets to things that need editing.

Add link to section, Structure of IHE Technical Framework & Supplement may be found at (link).

Reminders: Template has been cleaned up to reflect currently used styles and headings.

All figures and tables should have a title.

Copyright should be consistent

Action: Didi will revise to reflect changes and make sure this is updated to version 7. Co-chairs need to review and approve/vote on next call.

Action: Karen will revise section 3.Y.4.1. Co-chairs will review and discuss on next call.

Create refresher course for template revision/work. Add Wiki page named Reminders for Supplement Editors. HITSP has great examples that Mike Nusbaum will share with the group. Goal is to have simple and uniform templates.

2. Coordination of Lab/ITI/PCC/other? in building CDA content profiles

3. Revised Comment Template

Governance Implementation

Proposal: Change the way the pluses are used in rosters for voting purposes. Committee agreed and will put to vote on next call.

Example http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=ITI_Technical_Committee_Roster

Next Steps and New Actions Items

1. Domain technical and planning fall meetings a. Proposal to hold IT Infrastructure Planning Cmt. Mtg. in October in Paris, France. Mtg. to be hosted by GIP-DMP. When vote is finalized, meeting can be confirmed and announcements can be sent.

b. Proposal to hold face-to-face IT, PCC and QRPH Technical Committee Meetings in November in Canada, while the IHE Canada workshop is being held. On this call, it was discussed that HIMSS would survey the group to determine feasibility. After further discussions today, due to timing of other events scheduled for November, this proposed meeting in Canada will not be able to be held in Canada afterall.

2. Next call, July 8, 10am CDT

Domain Coordination Committee