IHE Domain Coordination Committee 2008-03-04 Teleconference Minutes

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Cross-domain Coordination Activities

  1. Interoperability Showcase Demo Feedback: New CPs, Coordination Issues
  2. Cross-domain Profile Reviews

- Radiology has Radiation Exposure Monitoring out for Public Comment: would like review by Cardiology and RO; and Mammography Acquisition Workflow (including protocol code sets) profile out for Public Comment: would like review by IT in context of SVS - Nursing Subcommittee of PCC willing to undertake reviews of new profiles - Eye Care considering constraining pdf reports to pdf-a; recommended that they review the ITI XDS Scanned Documents supplement - XDS-I and XDS.b

  1. Radiology Reuse of Optional Transactions Added to SWF by other Domains

- Cindy Levy has begun work on the Storage Commit transaction; when review by Radiology, she will communicate with Cardiology and Eye Care about refactoring transactions and optionality - Cardiology Transaction 1: Multimodality and Eye Care Trans 6: MPPS Complete or discontinue to include performed protocol code

  1. Tracking of Cross-Domain Issues: Explore using FlySpray or Mantis

- Eric has instance of FlySpray running that DCC can begin using to track issues

Documentation, Websites and Public Information

  1. IHE Workshop 2008 Logistics - Series of Webinars in June
  2. ISO Reference Document for IHE Technical Framework
    1. April 18: Due Date
  3. IHE Domain Web page for each Domain (www.ihe.net/domain_name/)
  4. IHE Profile Web page for each Profile
  1. Develop definitions of Integration Profile categories (eg, Content, Infrastructure, Presentation, Workflow)
  1. Cross-domain Technical Framework Documentation and Profile Consistency Issues page

Governance Implementation

  1. Board Elections
    1. Mar. 3-14: Hold Domain Board Rep Elections
    2. Apr. 18: Composition of elected Board announced
    3. May 10: Elected Board holds first tcon
  2. Domain and Sponsor Applications
  3. Domain Member Requirement
    1. Mar. 1: Enforcement begins
    2. Remind membership