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Documentation, Websites and Public Information

  1. ISO Reference Document for IHE Technical Framework
    1. April 18: Due Date
  2. IHE Domain Webpage for each Domain (www.ihe.net/domain_name/)
  3. IHE Profile Webpage for each Profile
    1. Status: Chris will email the planning committee co-chairs informing them of work item and due date.
  4. Develop definitions of Integration Profile categories (eg, Content, Infrastructure, Presentation, Workflow)
    1. Chris Lindop, Micha Coleman and John Donnelly will develop a draft for review on March 18 call.
  5. Cross-domain Technical Framework Documentation and Profile Consistency Issues page
    1. Review tracking spreadsheet drafted by Keith, Eric and Steve.

Governance Implementation

  1. Board Elections
    1. Mar. 3-14: Hold Domain Board Rep Elections
    2. Apr. 18: Composition of elected Board announced
    3. May 10: Elected Board holds first tcon
  2. Domain and Sponsor Applications
  3. Domain Member Requirement
    1. Mar. 1: Enforcement begins
    2. Remind membership
    3. Secretary assemble active rosters

Cross-domain Coordination Activities

  1. Cross-domain Profile Reviews
  2. Radiology Reuse of Optional Transactions Added to SWF by other Domains
    1. Cindy will start working on the cp. Cindy will work with Micha and Chris will help get opthalmology involved.
  3. IHE Workshop 2008 Logistics - Series of Webinars

Meeting and Teleconference Schedule

  1. Next call: March 18, 10am CST