IHE Domain Coordination Committee 2008-02-19 Teleconference Minutes

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Action: Chris Carr will send email to absent Domain Co-chairs informing them of task and April 18 ISO due date.

Action: Subgroup (Chris Carr, Micha Coleman, John Donnelly and Chris Lindop) will develop Wiki page with initial set of proposed profile category definitions.

Coordination Issues Documentation Page - Add History section - Questions about best tool for tracking: defect tracking software, spreadsheet or Wiki page Action: Chris Carr will present to Eric Poiseau and Steve Moore for their opinion about best method of tracking coordination issues.

Action: Domain Committee Secretaries to provide their co-chairs with up-to-date committee rosters indicating current members who have not yet become member organizations. Action: Co-chairs to exercise their discretion in allowing non-members to attend as guests until their organizations submit the membership application.

Ophthalmology and Cardiology have reused radiology transactions from Scheduled Workflow and extended them for specific use in their domains. Radiology would like to incoporate these extensions as named sets of options and establish a consistent profile across the domains.

Action: Cindy Levy will draft a CP and communicate to Cardiology and Ophthalmology chairs about reconciling approaches across the domains.