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IHE Deployment Committee Reports describe the current state of each IHE National and Regional Deployment Committee, its key achievements in testing and deployment activities and education, and its next steps, both immediate and mid-term.

IHE Deployment Committee Report Process


  1. The Deployment Committee Report Coordinator will request the Deployment Committee Board representative to create the report. Request Example.
  2. The Deployment Committee Board representative coordinates the production of a deployment committee report using the template. Reports should be concise, no more than two or three pages.
  3. Submit the draft report to the Board Operations Committee (BOC - boc@ihe.net) by the BOC Due Date (see IHE Deployment Committee Report Status spreadsheet). To submit a Deployment Committee report to the BOC, save the file in the ftp directory and send an email to the BOC committee and the Deployment Committee Report Coordinator.
  4. General information and contact listings for deployment committees is available here.
  5. Update the report based on feedback from the BOC (if any).
  6. Re-review with BOC until report is approved for submission to the Board. If multiple re-reviews are needed notify the board secretary that the deployment committee report will be late.
  7. Once approved by the Board Operations Committee, submit the report to secretary@ihe.net.
  8. The Deployment Committee Board representative will present the report in the Board meeting.

Report Status

The report tracking spreadsheet documents the status of Deployment CommitteeBoard Reports for all deployment committees.

Report Template

The template to be used for developing Deployment Committee Reports is available for download here.

Report Coordinator Role

  • The Deployment Committee Report Coordinator will communicate with Deployment Committee Board Representatives and Deployment Committee co-chairs regarding Deployment Committee Report due dates.
  • The Deployment Committee Report Coordinator will report at every Board meeting and every Board Operations Committee meeting
    • Deployment Committee Reports to be reviewed
    • Deployment Committee Reports that are overdue and how many months overdue

Deployment Committee Reports

Deployment Committee Report Status Presented to the Board Document
IHE Australia Final June 2022 Report
IHE Austria Final November 2021 Report
IHE Brazil Final June 2018 Report
IHE Canada Final May 2023 Report
IHE China Final March 2021 Report
IHE Czech Republic Final June 2023 Report
IHE Europe Final April 2022 Report
IHE Finland Final March 2023 Report
IHE France Final March 2021 Report
IHE Germany Final March 2020 Report
IHE Italy Final December 2015 Report
IHE Japan Final May 2022 Report
IHE Korea Final March 2021 Report
IHE Netherlands Final June 2022 Report
IHE Spain Final February 2013 Report
IHE Sweden Final February 2018 Report
IHE Switzerland Final May 2024 Report
IHE Turkey Final June 2015 Report
IHE UK Final August 2020 Report
IHE USA Final July 2021 Report

Board Reports