IHE DEV DPI 2020-12-18 Web Meeting

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(Device Point-of-Care Interoperability Program home)

Participants: Ken Fuchs (DPI Program co-chair), John Garguilo, Erin Roche, Todd Cooper (Program Manager)

Regrets: None

Agenda & Discussion Notes - 2020.12.18

  • Welcome & Roll Call & Agenda Review
  • Topics Requiring DPI Program Action
- DECISION: No current decision topics for this meeting
  • IHE DEV Organizational Review / Update
- Ken provided an overview / update discussion of the IHE DEV & DEV Programs
- Discussion included a focus on the history of Continua / PHD's Journey to IHE DEV / PCH Program
  • Gemini MDI SDPi+FHIR Review
- Note: the following topics were not discussed due to time limitations; see related meeting logs / notes on the Gemini MDI SDPi+FHIR confluence pages
- SDPi Supplement Development
- CA & Tooling Update
- TR: SES MDI Update
- TR: SES RCC-MH Update
- DPI Program participants, especially those participating in the MDIRA Project (JHU/APL) are interested in providing a response proposal based on the Gemini SDPi+FHIR MDI work and planned MDIRA Profile (see below)
- Responses to MTEC may include references to IHE DEV / DPI Program, NIST for CA & Tooling, and the Gemini MDI SDPi+FHIR program
- NOTE: Current submission deadline is January 8, 2021!
  • General DPI Program Work Program & Roadmap Review
- 2021 Roadmap Planning - See MDI SDPi+FHIR 2021 Roadmap confluence page
- MDIRA Profile Proposal
  • MDIRA Brief Profile Proposal approved early October by IHE DEV
  • MDIRA Detailed Profile Proposal needs to be advanced in early 2021 - TBD regarding who will work on that proposal and the timing with respect to the work program
  • New Business

Next Meetings:

  • When should the DPI Program meet in 2021?
- DECISION: Move the DPI Program monthly meeting to the 3rd Friday using the SDPi WebEx Friday call info
  • Agenda topics include ...
- Review Gemini MDI Roadmap (see link above)
- Review SDPi Supplement publication status
- Review MDIRA Profile DPP status