IHE DEV DPI 2020-08-27 Web Meeting

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(Device Point-of-Care Interoperability Program home)

Participants: Todd Cooper, Ken Fuchs (DEV co-chair)

Regrets: Stefan Schlichting, John Garguilo

Agenda & Discussion Notes - 2020.08-27

  • Welcome & Roll Call & Agenda Review
- DPI Program "membership" participation - note LATE reminder of this call. Need to get call/ reminder out earlier!
  • DPI Program - Unique Role in Gemini SDPi+FHIR
- Note that although much of the work that is within the scope of the IHE DEV DPI Program group is actually accomplished in the Gemini SDPi+FHIR MDI program (DEV DPI is the IHE home for that program, along with HL7 DEV / Devices on FHIR) ...
- Formal action RECOMMENDATIONS on the IHE DEV side must come from this DPI Program group ...
- Recommendations will then be approved at the Devices domain level as normal.
- For example, recommendation and approval of publication of a supplement or draft TR for PUBLIC COMMENT or Trial Implementation publication
  • IHE DEV DPI Program Update & Discussion
- DEV DPI Program wiki updates need to be completed before publication of 2020 DEV Domain Board Report
- 2020 DEV TF update needs to include TF-1 content explaining the scope of the domain w/ appropriate graphic; This material was going to come from the "What is a 'Device'?" TR, but work on that hasn't begun yet; Todd Cooper & John Rhoads need to coordinate on the TR and the TF CP.
- 2020 IHE Devices Domain Board Report needs to be updated to include DPI Program info (ASAP!); this should include material that is the same on the wiki + web + Confluence pages
- Ken noted that the DPI Program, along with the SDC community and the Gemini SDPi+FHIR group need to consider educational / marketing materials that can be used to support those who have a clue about health informatics, but don't want to go into technical depth to get a general understanding of SDC & SDPi.
  • General Work Program & Roadmap Review
- No specific roadmap updates at this time - work is focused and progressing on all active projects including SDPi Supplement development, and the Technical Reports (TR, formerly known as "white papers");
  • Confirmation of DPI Program representative nominees to IHE DEV domain co-chairs / leaders
- Still waiting for IHE DEV to issue a confirmation ballot for the (6) co-chair nominees
- Challenge is that the official DEV Roster remains incomplete, making it impossible to issue the ballot; hopefully, this is resolved in the coming week or so
  • Gemini SDPi+FHIR Update (from an IHE perspective)
- SDPi Supplement - Review & Discuss action to recommend DEV review and circulation for PUBLIC COMMENT
- NOTE: Given the cancellation of the September DEV DPI monthly call, a special DPI Program meeting may have to be scheduled to move the process along for PUBLIC COMMENT
  • New Business
- No New Business

Next Meetings:

- NOTE:' September 24 meeting CANCELED due to the conflicting HL7/IEEE/IHE vWGM that week.
- IHE DEV DPI 2020-10-22 Web Meeting