IHE DEV DPI 2020-07-23 Web Meeting

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(Device Point-of-Care Interoperability Program home)

Participants: Todd Cooper, Ken Fuchs, John Garguilo David Gregorczyk, Rob Wilder

Regrets: Peter Kranich


This is the FIRST DPI Program monthly meeting. Initial invitee list was based on those IHE DEV participants who are affiliated with IHE International member organizations + have actively participated in the Gemini SDPi+FHIR project. They included (in random order): John Rhoads, John Garguilo, Ken Fuchs, Michael Faughn, Al Engelbert, Christophe Fournier, David Gregorczyk, Peter Kranich, Sungkee Lee, Rob Wilder, Stefan Schlichting, Tobias Klotz & Kosta Makrodimitris.

Agenda & Discussion Notes - 2020.07.23

  • Welcome & Roll Call & Agenda Review
- No additions to the agenda as circulated
  • IHE DEV DPI Program Update & Discussion
- Program governance & Relationship to DEV Domain & other Programs
  • As discussed in the DEV_Joint_2020-07-22_Webex meeting, the programs perform the "work" of the domain but all formal IHE ballots and approvals happen at the DEV domain level. This first meeting of the DPI Program group reaffirmed that approach and focused on establishing the program's governance and operations approach.
  • Discussion included clarifying that ...
- All DPI program participants must be included in either the IHE DEV Planning Committee or Technical Committee registries
- DPI advances program consensus positions on TF CP's, supplement development, etc. but the formal decisions are made at the IHE DEV domain level
- NOTE: That when items are circulated for ballot at the domain, the program position should be clearly stated along with the need to cast a vote for each DEV member organization, even if it is "only" abstain
  • Monthly DEV agenda (4th Wednesday of every month) should facilitate report outs from the program groups, since for participants in other programs, this is often the only time that that information is provided; the agenda should also include report out from DEV representatives to other IHE International committees such as the Board, DCC and T&T
  • The DEV_Planning_Committee_Action_Items should reflect DPI Program "EXTERNAL" items. For example, SDPi Supplement submitted to DEV for Public Comment circulation approval.
- "Decision Making Processes" aligned with HL7 DEV WG?
  • DECISION: DPI program will keep the operations and governance very simple and low overhead, leveraging the essential elements of the sister IHE DEV WG "decision making practices"
  • For example, 1 week email notification of a DPI "decision" meeting; quorum at meeting is at least one co-chair + 2 participants (i.e., on the DPI Program email list), ...
- Wiki & Web Presence Review
  • Discussion around updating (and naming!) of DPI related IHE wiki pages (like this page)
  • Device_Point-of-Care_Interoperability_Program home page should include general information such as: link in meetings section, roadmap, links to SDPi+FHIR confluence, github space etc.
  • SDPi Profile wiki page / Gemini SDPi+FHIR page ... or both ... should also be created
- GitHub DPI Program Space + Google Drive? + Google Group list (?) etc.
  • A brief overview of the IHE GitHub spaces including the one created for the DEV DPI Program was reviewed
  • There was also a discussion about whether to use the DEV Google Drive for DPI artifacts ("no") or to focus on GitHub including possible future use of the GitHub IO publishing pages. DECISION was to focus on GitHub and the DEV repository already created there.
  • DPI Google group was created a few months back (ihe-dev-dpi@googlegroups.com) and will be used for emailing DPI Program participants; Names from the initial contacts mentioned above will be added to the list and it will be used going forward.
  • NOTE: These monthly meeting reports will be sent to IHE DEV for domain-wide distribution + includ an invitation to those who may want to participate in the DPI Program
  • General Work Program & Roadmap Review
  • Meeting scheduling & Action Item Management
  • Group confirmed that the DPI Program Monthly Meeting will continue to be scheduled: 4th Thursday of every month @ 0700 U.S. Pacific
  • Confirmation of DPI Program representative nominees to IHE DEV domain co-chairs / leaders
- (Proposed) Ken Fuchs / DPI Co-chair Nominee to IHE DEV Planning Committee
- (Proposed) Stefan Schlichting / DPI Co-chair Nominee to IHE DEV Technical Committee
- (Proposed) Todd Cooper / DPI Program Administrator - Secretary
  • DECISION: Confirmed the proposed nominees and will forward to IHE DEV Secretary for Domain-wide approval
  • Gemini SDPi+FHIR Update (from an IHE perspective)
- SDPI Supplement Update
  • Short discussion on the current focus to get the SDPi Supplement Word document organized for the (1.0) draft
  • An updated version of the Gardens Model was discussed and updated with additional layer overviews on the right side
- SES MDI White Paper Update
  • There are numerous weekly discussions around SES MDI quality & regulatory considerations and how that will be integrated into SDPi+FHIR
  • An appendix has been started in the SDPi Supplement TF-1 section to capture the essence of this white paper, point to the document, and describe how SES MDI requirements and considerations will be integrated through out the IHE SDPi profile.
  • Latest white paper information is available on the MDI white paper confluence page
- SES RCC/MH White Paper Update
  • Ken Fuchs has take on the task as "general editor" of the white paper, with a number of IHE DPI participants also actively involved in discussions
  • Up-to-date information is provided on the RCC/MH white paper confluence page
- DoF Updates (SDPi scope)
  • Devices on FHIR (DoF) discussions are active, especially on HL7 Project Scope Statement (PSS) development and approval
  • SDPi specific DoF discussions such as FHIR-based device alerting, are temporarily "paused" to focus on getting the first version of the SDPi Supplement out for Public Comment.
  • New Business
- No new business

Next Meeting: IHE DEV DPI 2020-08-27 Web Meeting