IHERO 2007UseCase Image Fusion for Dose Review

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Image Fusion for Dose Review

Review IHE-RAD FUS profile (http://www.ihe.net/Technical_Framework/upload/IHE_RAD-TF_Suppl_FUS_TI_2006-04-13.pdf)

Actors: Image Registration System, Multi-Volume Dose Reviewer, Archive

  • Supported modalities: CT  { CT, MR, PET, US, SPECT }
  • Fusion of two entities or N entities
  • Non-CT base set?
  • Registration: rigid, affine, deformable (tabled)
  • Non-overlap of image, doses?
  • Pre-existing registration from segmentation?
  • Accommodate multiple objects which share a frame of reference
  • Management of Spatial Registration / RTSS instances
  • May require registration of Volume Sets (e.g., follow-up imaging)