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IHE and HL7 are developing a Joint Workgroup to aid with HL7 efforts that are of interest to IHE. This joint workgroup is expected to be created in 2015. When this joint workgroup is formally created, this wiki will reference the formal workgroup site (which will likely be on HL7 services).


  • Interim Co-chairs: Todd Cooper, John Donnelly, Laura Heerman-Langford
  • FHIR facilitator: John Moehrke
  • Secretary: Chris Carr


Date Agenda Minutes
Joint Work Group Technical Issues Teleconference 2015-01-07 [ Minutes]
Joint Work Group Teleconference 2015-01-06 [ Minutes]
Joint Work Group Teleconference 2014-12-16 Minutes
Joint Work Group Teleconference 2014-11-04 Minutes

Work Items

The following is intended to be a listing of the CURRENT work items of interest


Change Proposals

HL7 Gforge is used to formally track change requests for FHIR. IHE-HL7 joint items are marked with Reviewing Workgroup "Health Standards Integration". A stored query is available for open items with this mark.


FHIR Resources considered owned by IHE-HL7 workgroup

  • DocumentReference
  • DocumentManifest

FHIR Resources considered co-owned by IHE-HL7 workgroup

  • SecurityEvent

FHIR Security model points at IHE for a common HTTP RESTful security solution including IUA

Test Tools and Processes

Scheduling and Timeline Coordination



ITI Technical Committee

  • IUA -- Security for RESTful HTTP. Referenced by HL7 FHIR
  • MHD -- RESTful API using FHIR to access a Document Sharing infrastructure
  • PDQm -- RESTful API using FHIR for Patient Demographics Query
  • PIXm -- RESTful API using FHIR for Patient Identity Cross-Refernce
  • Alerts targeting humans -- A potential new work item in 2015
  • Query of ATNA Audit Repository -- A potential new work item in 2015


Patient Care Coordination Technical Committee

  • Current Cycle Work Items
    • RECON on FHIR
    • Workflow related resources. A simpler way to handle workflow management than documents really provide.
    • DAF Collaboration with FHIR Data Elements Based Queries (HL7)
    • Device Clinical Bridge
  • Potential Future Work Items
    • Terminology services via FHIR
    • QED on FHIR


Quality, Research and Public Health

  • Cancer Reporting (PRPH-Ca)
  • Healthy Weight (HW)
  • Birth and Fetal Death Reporting (BFDR-E)
  • Structured Data Capture (SDC)
  • Vital Records Death Reporting (VRDR)



  • IHE-SNI Lab Harmonization - see wiki page: [1]