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supports management of healthcare provider information, both individual and organizational, in a directory structure.
==Formal Specification==
==New 2016 Work==
===[https://profiles.ihe.net/ITI/TF/Volume1/ch-28.html HPD specification]===
IHE USA has started fast-track work on a USA National Extension to HPD.
* [https://profiles.ihe.net/ITI/TF/Volume1/ch-28.html Trial Implementation]
[http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=Healthcare_Provider_Directory_USA_National_Extension IHE USA HPD USA National Extension Wiki Page]
'''Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD)''' - supports management of healthcare provider information, both individual and organizational, in a directory structure.
* supports querying against a directory of healthcare provider information
* supports feeding a directory of healthcare provider information
The Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD) profile supports management of healthcare provider information in a directory structure.  HPD directory structure is a listing of the following two categories of healthcare providers that are classified by provider type, specialties, credentials, demographics and service locations:
* Individual Provider - A person who provides healthcare services, such as a physician, nurse, or pharmacist.
* Organizational Providers - Organizations that provide or support healthcare services, such as hospitals, Counseling Organizations (e.g., Drug, Alcohol) Healthcare Information Exchanges (HIEs), Managed Care, Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), and Associations.
Typical provider information maintained by the directory is demographics, address, credential and specialty information as well as electronic endpoint to facilitate trusted communications with a provider.  The directory can also maintain relationship. Some examples of relationship are: a Health Information Exchange (HIE) and its members: Integrated Delivery Networks and their care delivery members, hospitals and their practitioners, hospitals and their sub organizations including departments, physician Practice Groups and their practitioners, practitioners and the hospitals they are associated with (members of), and Medical Associations and their members.
Different kinds of data sources and consumers interface with the Provider Information Directory to:
* Send new and updated provider information
* Query provider information
It is intended that provider information comes from authorized international, regional, state and national sources, as stewards of the most accurate and current data. Some identified sources are:
* State licensing bureaus
* National Associations
* Commercial registries
* Delivery Networks
* Information Exchanges etc
The scope of this profile focuses initially on the minimum "foundational" attribute set required for defining a provider information directory, resulting in a usable work product as well as recommendations for future phase expansions. This profile is readily adaptable and scalable to production environments needing to operate trusted provider directory services that link multiple endpoints spanning enterprise, regional, national, and global jurisdictions.  This profile is extendable to information not explicitly defined in the profile.
==Systems Affected==
Systems involved in this profile are:
'''Actors & Transactions:'''
'''Profile Status:''' [[Comments| Trial Implementation]] 
* [http://ihe.net/uploadedFiles/Documents/ITI/IHE_ITI_Suppl_HPD.pdf Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD)] Trial Implementation Supplement
:* Vol. 1 - Section 28
:* Vol. 2b - Sections 3.58 & 3.59
'''Underlying Standards:'''
* Health informatics - Directory services for health care providers, subjects of care, and other entities (ISO/TS 21091)
* DSMLv2
* SOAP 1.2
==Meeting Minutes==
Proposed agenda:
* Introductions
* Mission / Mandate (largely self-determined!)
* NA Connectathon/HIMSS16/IHE USA spec process
* Governance / Leadership
** IHE USA Implementation Taskforce/IHE International/ISO governance
** Call for co-leaders
** Open to all, vendor and technology neutral, transparent process
* Workplan
** Effort
** Schedule
** Communications
* Q&A
* Other topics?
* First working session (we begin work today!)
* Next meeting
** Scheduled for next Wed Jan 13th
** Can also meet on Mon Jan 11th if there is interest/justification
* Closing

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supports management of healthcare provider information, both individual and organizational, in a directory structure.

Formal Specification

HPD specification

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