HIT Standards for HIM Practices

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ITI Planning Committee:

Health IT Standards for Health Information Management (HIM) Practices White Paper Project

These wiki pages will be used by the Project Team and SME members to manage project activities.

Upcoming Project Events

December 2014

ITI Planning Committee Calls

  • December 14, 2014, 2-3pm ET - ITI Planning Project Cal

AHIMA Staff Calls

January 2015

Background and Objectives

Project Timeline

The goal of this project is to develop a White Paper on the need for and value of aligning HIM business practices and capabilities of standards-based HIT products. The White Paper will demonstrate the alignment between HIM practices (workflow checklist, actions) and capabilities of HIT products to support these actions.

To enable the development of the HIT interoperability - standards for IG/HIM practices we propose to develop:
1. AHIMA IG-HIM-HIT standards framework as a model for the alignment of the IG, HIM and HIT interoperability standards, i.e., AHIMA IG-HIM-Use Case-HIT Standards Matrix (Model)
2. Roadmap for the development of HIT standards to support IG and HIM practices and
3. White Paper to the Integrated Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) to guide the development of HIT interoperability standards for HIM practices.

Project Team Contact Information 

SME Members (create a list)

Project Team Contact List

Name Role Email Address Phone number
Harry Rhodes Project Officer harry.rhodes@ahima.org 312-233-1119
Diana Warner Co-Project Officer diana.warner@ahima.org 312-233-1519
Anna Orlova Facilitator/Expert anna.orlova@ahima.org 312-233-1140

Working Documents

Working Document 1 - 11/24/14

IHE White Paper: HIT Standards for HIM Practices - Presentation 10/22/14 ppt pdf

IHE White Paper: HIT Standards for HIM Practices - Proposal 09/15/14 Word pdf

2015 AHIMA Project Proposal HIT Standards for Information Governance 08/15/14 Word pdf

Additional Resources