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==ABC's of CDA or CDA 101==
==ABC's of CDA or CDA 101==
An entry-entry level session on CDA.  Maybe it would be called the ABC's of CDA, or CDA 101...something to indicate it is really entry-level.
An entry-entry level session on CDA.  Maybe it would be called the ABC's of CDA, or CDA 101...something to indicate it is really entry-level.
===* [[ABC's of CDA or CDA 101 Details| ABC's of CDA or CDA 101]]===
Proposed by Lisa
Proposed by Lisa

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Two slots available for IHE on larger educational grid, can submit more than 2

  • Gather suggestions
  • Refine suggestions
  • Pick strongest
  • Finalize descpriptions and presentors

Deadline: May 30, 2012

Get timeline beyond submission deadline


  • Content outline
  • Learning objectives
  • Level (beginning, intermediate, advanced)
  • Participants to create and do the presentation

Process of evaluation:

  1. What are the evaluation criteria on which the proposals should be graded?
  2. Using the evealuation critieria listed below to finalize the HIMSS13 Proposals
  • To what extent does the proposal offer value or relevance for attendees?
  • How well does this presentation advance existing ideas or present or advance new ideas?
  • The extent to which this information might help attendees change or improve the way they work.
  • Timeliness of the focus of the presentation
  • Identification of outside resources
  • Avoidance of product/vendor commercial
  • Are the objectives consistent with the abstract information for the presentation (minimum of three)?

HIMSS13 Guidelines and Criteria For Evaluation

Next Steps

  • Flesh out information May 15
  • Survey May 16-May 22
    • Score applicable categories 1-5 where 1 is lowest and 5 is highest, follow HIMSS guidelines here
  • Call week of 23st
    • May 23 10-11 CT


  • Focus of this work groups efforts
    • HIMSS 13 Educational Sessions - 60+ minutes long
  • Other possible venues for content
    • HIMSS Showcase presentations - 30 minutes max, not recorded
    • IHE International Webinar Series 2012
    • E-Learning Sessions


IHE Profiles for Meaningful Use Stage 2

Meaningful Use Stage 2 raises the bar for interoperable EHR systems. It adds requirements for use of clinical decision support, exchange of clinical documentation, access to clinical guidelines and other content, and reconciliation of problems, medications and allergies. Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise has created several implementation guidelines for use by EHR system developers and implementers which can help you achieve the next stage of meaningful use or certify EHR products for use in that stage. This educational session will describe IHE profiles relevant to meaningful use. It is targeted at purchasers and developers of EHR systems.

Upon completion of this session, attendees will understand:

  • Which IHE implementation guides support requirements of Meaningful Use stage 2
  • What 2014 Certification Criteria are supported by IHE profiles
  • What Meaningful Objectives can be met by IHE Profiles
  • How to use IHE profiles in the specification of EHR products

Proposed by Keith

IHE Deployment Models

Combine the content from the recently released Health Information Exchange: Enabling Document Sharing Using IHE Profiles paper with those who have or are in the process of deploying systems using IHE. This would be both an overview of the capabilities IHE has to offer in this space as well as actual experience using those capabilities in a real deployment.

Proposed by Karen

ABC's of CDA or CDA 101

An entry-entry level session on CDA. Maybe it would be called the ABC's of CDA, or CDA 101...something to indicate it is really entry-level.

* ABC's of CDA or CDA 101

Proposed by Lisa

HL7 Version 2 conformance for IHE

Developing HL7 V2 transactions to know what the conformance principles are so the definition of fields is understandable and easily implementable.

Proposed by Mike

Using IHE profiles in digital pathology workflows

Applying IHE PAT + ITI to specific use cases for telepathology robotics and whole slide imaging.

Proposed by Mike

Coordinating Workflow Across Institutions - Next Frontier in Interoperability

With the emergence of ACOs and the increasing emphasis on Care Coordination, it is now obvious that exchanging clinical information in a standized form is only half of the problem. Tracking the workflow progress is a major challenge today, as multiple EHRs and IT systems are being used by the different participants of in the cross-institutional workflow. Simply for a referrral, between the referring physician, the referred specialist and the patient there is a critical need to ensure that the three parties update each other on the workflow progress. But this applies well beyond referral, to other increasingly common workflows such as distributed radiology reporting, remote consultation, tumor boards and multi-disciplinary conferences, etc. In this area, IHE has just introduces a novel profile called XDW for Cross-Enterprise Document Workflow that standardizes the workflow management information exchange, not only for referral, but for many of these cross-institutional workflows that have no open interoeprable solution up to now.

Proposed by Eric Heflin and Charles Parisot

Consent management in a state-wide, network-of-network HIE


Proposed by Eric Heflin

a XDS.b tutorial, based on the excellent French XDS.b paper

Proposed by Eric Heflin

Deferred to another venue

Developing a new IHE profile

A session on how to develop an IHE profile....aimed at getting new people/companies interested in getting involved in IHE

Propose as a subject for the 2012 Webinar series in June/July. Lisa to work with HIMSS to develop this.

Proposed by Lisa

CDA through theater

this is a theatrical idea: I would involve three presenters: one a lively story-teller who would express a lively and detalied story about a heathcare event...like she were really telling a life story that really happened. After each "act" in the story is told, the second presenter talks about the data in the CDA document that is recorded. The large screens would be used to actually show the XML that was tagging the parts of the story as it was being told/explained. The two parts are interleaved in a way that mixes like the left and right hand of a score for the piano. It is both entertaining and instructive at the same time. The third presenter acts as a "narrator", basically establishing the context for the story at the beginning and summing things up at the end (the sort-of "moral of the story part.) I would be willing to direct the "play" and fill the role of either the story teller or the CDA explainer. I have a couple of scenarios I could use, or I could even construct the "dramatization" around one of the use cases that will be shown on the Showcase floor. I'm just feeling my way through the idea right now..... There could even be additional actors....Like the physician and a lab tech......so we could show one document representing all this information together....capturing the rich, expressive story. I know it would be very "different", but it could be fun/memorable for participants.

Appropriate for a showcase venue.

Proposed by Lisa

Workgroup Members

Didi Davis, Karen Witting, Eric Heflin, Charles Parisot, Chris Carr, Laura Heermann, Emma jones, Vassil Peytchev, Lori Fourquet, George Cole, Derrick Evans, Lisa Nelson, Tone Southerland, Mike Henderson