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Transition Plans

Each Committee should be making plans for transitioning to the new Governance

IHE International

The IHE Membership Application Form will be published on Nov 8th, 2007.

Organizations will be encouraged to submit applications before Jan 4th, 2008. Membership applications may be submitted at any time. Those meeting the deadline will be included in the elections leading up to formation of the official IHE International Board.

An initial list of official IHE Member Organizations is expected to be available to Domain and Regional Committees in mid- to late-January.

IHE Radiology

The IHE Radiology Committees will start trying to follow the approved Interim Governance immediately. Issues encountered will be listed below in the hopes of resolving them by early 2008.

The Planning and Technical Committee Pages have been updated to manage and track voting status and post meeting agendas and minutes. Organization membership will continue to be by self-declaration until it is practical to switch over to the application process in the Governance (likely Feb 2008).

IHE IT Infrastructure

Interim ITI Technical Committee Voting Procedures have been established.

Implementation Issues

Please record below your comments, concerns and experiences in implementing the committee procedures outlined in the Principles of Governance, as well as your suggestions for revisions. Please number your entries and include your name.


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