GDC Minutes 2020-09-02

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  • Meeting Recording Link (to be inserted)
  • Participants
  • Jürgen Brandstätter
  • Stephane Spahni
  • Peter MacIsaac
  • Tie Tjee
  • Sungkee Lee
  • Vince McCauley
  • Approval of agenda
  • Approved

National Deployment Committees

  • None
  • Upcoming reports
  • IHE Germany pending
  • IHE Suisse is in preparation, will be ready in 2 weeks latest
  • Comments to spreadsheet
  • Participants ask: What means "not current" in column "Membership status"?
  • Action item: Clarification of what means "not current" in column "Membership status"? (Jamie)
  • IHE Belgium contacts:
  • Pieter Devolder (
  • Karlien Erauw (
  • Action item: Update contacts of IHE Belgium (Jamie)
  • IHE Luxembourg contacts:
  • Daisy Smet (
  • Hervé Barge (
  • Action item: Update contacts of IHE Luxembourg, check and clarify approval status (Jamie)

IHE World Summit 2020

  • Status update (Jürgen)
  • 3 options at the moment:
  • Hold F2F (provided that IHE EU Connectathon takes place F2F)
  • Very insecure at the moment, travel restrictions present and probably getting worse
  • Turn into virtual
  • We are missing the "social" factor
  • Postpone to next IHE EU Connectathon in June 2021, Czech Republic
  • Simply move "as it is" into next year, after COVID has hopefully relaxed
  • Opinions:
  • Stephane: Postpone, pessimistic that Connectathon takes place F2F, virtual: a lot of effort, but no social part
  • Peter: There are possibilities to have events virtually with some kind of socializing factor. Needs appropriate tools, e.g. Hopin Platform, includes social networking features
  • Would require to restructure the program, separate it in smaller chunks
  • Sungkee: Postpone, virtual is not productive, social networking is the most important factor at the World Summit
  • Tie: Combination F2F plus possibility for virtual dialin (speakers and audience)
  • Jürgen: Postpone, wait for HIMSS and RSNA virtual events feedback and learnings, apply those on Virtual World Summit, if F2F in Czech is still not possible

Joint IHE/HL7 AsiaPac summit, Singapore

  • Status
  • HIMSS Apac is going virtual -> no F2F possible
  • No program planning was done
  • Consequence: Joint IHE/HL7 is canceled for now, do another attempt next year

Engagement of Deployment Committees

  • Discussion
  • Sharpening the role and purpose of Deployment Committees
  • Last discussion: Upgrade the governance document, not sure, if hard constraints can be applied, but at least some more guidance, what we expect from a Deployment Committee
  • Next steps
  • Schedule that work-item for later to not overload the group, the other work-items are more important
  • Activity measurements (affects fees, reporting, ...)?
  • Last discussion: IHE Europe is working on a concept for this -> Status?
  • Status: Statutes and Internal rules for a "active/passive" concept of Deployment Committees almost final
  • After finalization of IHE Europe per-work, results brought to this group as base for staring the work-item
  • How can we support national Deployment Committees?
  • Last discussion: "good experiences" is an important way to support, develop a guideline of success factors
  • Input of IHE UK: Any help regarding getting membership
  • e.g., by setting up work-items/activities/etc. on International level, which are "so interesting" for countries, to that they can use it to advertise local membership
  • IHE Europe is currently investigating that on the example of IHE UK
  • Next steps
  • After finalization of IHE Europe per-work, results brought to this group as base for staring the work-item
  • Interesting presentations could be included in the agenda on a regular basis
  • Last discussion: "US/Asia/Europe slots" for such presentations of "interesting topic of the country" (maybe 3/6 times a year)
  • Expected result: more participation in GDC calls
  • Next steps
  • Motion: This concept will be executed
  • Process: Call for presentations to DCs -> make long-term presentation schedule -> do proper advertising and invite (also board)
  • Decision: The present group approves the motion
  • Action item: Confirmation of work-item approval with rest of the group by email (Jürgen, Jamie)

Any other business

  • Informational IHE Australia: had started informal talks with HL7 New Zealand on the topic of "potential value of IHE in New Zealand"
  • Informational IHE Netherlands:
  • 1) NICTIZ has started talks with IHE Netherlands on a higher level
  • 2) "Implementation Guideline" document on Oncology published by IHE together with healthcare professionals, HL7, and others

Next meeting

  • Wednesday, October 7, 6:00-7:00 PM CT (US / Asia friendly time)

Global Deployment Coordination Committee