GDC Minutes 2020-03-04

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  • Participants
  • Jürgen Brandstätter
  • Peter MacIsaac
  • Sungkee Lee
  • Stephane Spahni
  • Approval of agenda
  • Approved

National Deployment Committees

  • None
  • Discussion
  • Meaning of Membership status column?
  • Constraints of "Membership status" are a combination of fee and activity (report) -> have to be defined
  • Asian colleagues agree that this is a GDC work-item, to propose the concept to the board for approval
  • Peter: Fee to IHE International is a problem for IHE AUS, because there is no income model present. Costs are minimal at the momeng, covered by the small inputs from workshops, etc. - 1500 USD for the IHE Int fee is over that
  • Needs a solution, otherwise IHE AUS has to close down(!)
  • Is interested in how other countries are doing that
  • See decision and action item below

IHE World Summit 2020

  • Status update (Jürgen)
  • World Summit is still on go, Corona virus
  • Idea: allow web-cast for registered persons, or offer a special registration for that

Engagement of Deployment Committees

  • Discussion
  • Sharpening the role and purpose of Deployment Committees
  • Shall we give more "constrains" in the governance document? Would that be received as guidance or threat?
  • Asian colleagues: should be decided after having investigated the success factors of Deployment Committees
  • Only well-accepted constraints shall be added into the governance document
  • In principal these things should be documented in a "guidance" and self-evaluation document aside (scorecard)
  • Activity measurements (affects fees, reporting, ...)?
  • Work-item: work out a concept and to the board for approval
  • How can we support national Deployment Committees?
  • 1) Support them in terms of financial sustainability
  • Decision: New work item started: Dedicated survey on how Deployment Committees manage their funding and being self-sustained
  • Sources: Ask Deployment Committees, analyse Deployment Committee Reports
  • Another idea: Add this aspect into the Deployment Committee report template -> long-term
  • Action item: Peter offers to ask a colleague from IHE AUS to take up this work-item (Peter)
  • How do we get more participation to the GDC calls and meetings?
  • Idea: Interesting presentations could be included in the agenda on a regular basis
  • Decsion: Deployment Commmittees will be invited to give interesting presentations to a topic of their own in GDC meetings
  • Process: "Interesting topics" will be identified while reviewing the Deployment Committee reports, and after agreement of the DC rep scheduled to be presented in a future GDC meeting (including advertising)
  • This results into a schedule of "interesting topics" throughout the period, e.g. a presentation very 2 months
  • Interesting topics could be: successes, challenges and failures (including learnings)

Joint IHE/HL7 AsiaPac summit, Singapore

  • Status
  • TODO list status received from Korea and Australia, no response from Japan yet
  • Action item: Contact IHE Japan for clarifying the HL7 Singapore engagement (business-critical for the event) (Jürgen)

Any other business

  • None

Next meeting

  • tbd

Global Deployment Coordination Committee