GDC Minutes 2019-09-06

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  • Participants
  • Jürgen Brandstätter
  • Charles Parisot
  • Ron Schilling
  • Esther Peelen
  • Karlien Erauw
  • Nicole Denjoy
  • Alexander Berler
  • Matthew Rhodes
  • Approval of agenda
  • Approved

Save-the-date message

  • Status update (Jürgen, Karlien)
  • Decision on World Summit 2020 Logo
  • Variant 1 "City/Country/Europe" in Singapore font: Variant 1
  • Variant 2 "City/Country" in Singapore font: Variant 2
  • Variant 3 "City/Country" in IHE Font: Variant 3
  • Variant comparison: Variant comparison
  • Decision: Variant 3 with amendment that "Interoperability in eHealth" is written in lower-case (as in variant 2)
  • Approval of final draft version (including logo)
  • Final "Save-the-date" draft
  • Decision: Save-the-date approved as current version in the google-doc
  • Action item: Engage Cento Cento to finalize the logos (Jürgen)
  • Next steps
  • Finalization until beginning of next week
  • Final comments can be made
  • Send out on IHE-Int and IHE-EU channels

Proposal GS1

  • Present proposal (Esther)
  • GS1 Global event 2020 is exactly at the same date as CAT in Paris
  • Idea: Doing something together, but what?
  • Proposal: Having a GS1 session at the WS, and a IHE session at the GS1 event (vice-versa video broadcast sessions)
  • Both sessions shall point out, how the two organizations work together
  • Decision: Programm Planning Committee would approve such a session
  • Action item: Discuss this idea with GS1 Program Planning Committee (Esther)
  • Until our next call

Program Planning

  • Material:
  • Program draft schedule working document (tab "Program"): Program draft google doc
  • FTP location for IHE World Summit 2020 material: [1]
  • Program draft schedule discussion
  • Action item "eHealth Network" status update (Nicole, Jürgen, Stephane)
  • Enrique could be invited, but we need a concept of the program first
  • Discussion on Topics, speakers
  • Jamie Ferguson: "Interoperability on FHIR in practice, practical learning and feedback"
  • Decision: Jamie will be invited
  • Action item: Contact him (Jürgen)
  • Steve Posnack, ONC: "The role of standards for Interoperability in the eHealth Strategy of ONC"
  • Decision: Steve will be invited
  • Action item: Contact him (Jürgen)
  • EC Speaker: "The role of standards for Interoperability in the eHealth Strategy of EC"
  • Action item: Consult with Nicole, Karima for right speaker approach (Jürgen)
  • Candidates: Roberto Viola, Despina.Spanou, Marco Marsella
  • HIH/GDHP speaker slot
  • Action item: Get speaker from GDHP (Jürgen)
  • Ron Schilling proposes slot "Radiology and Patient Outcomes - Requires Interoperability on Enterprise level!"
  • Action item: Propose title and abstract of the slot
  • Belgium speaker slot
  • Action item: Investigate speaker and title (Karlien)
  • eGabon project speaker
  • Action item: Investigate speaker and title (Charles)
  • Other ideas fo program
  • A speaker of an European Hospital provider as Kaiser Permanente to meet Jamie Ferguson
  • Switzerland: Benefits of Interoperability Testing in national projects

Next meeting

  • Monday, September 16, 7:00 - 8:00 CT (14:00 - 15:00 CEST)

Global Deployment Coordination Committee