GDC Minutes 2017-05-03

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  • Participants
  • Jürgen Brandstätter
  • Mike Nusbaum
  • Chris Carr
  • Stephane Spahni
  • Jamie Kontos
  • Approval of agenda
  • Approved

IHE Deployment Committee Reports

  • Decision: Approved for Intl. Board with the request to provide information on the numbers of IHE Korea membership
  • Decision: Approved for Intl. Board
  • IHE Ambassador, IHE Champion, IHE Academy concepts have been identified as concepts worth being discussed for implementation on IHE International level

World Summit 2017

  • Status
  • Everything on track, VIP keynote secured for 99%, rest of programme stable, registration not open yet but soon
  • Marketing will start right after registration is openend
  • Action item: Jürgen will trigger Chris

Professional Certification

  • Status
  • Contract making in progress
  • Committee being created
  • First exams targeted to be online at Jan 2018
  • Ation item: Discussion about the further role of GDC in this process

Any other business

  • Young Leaders of Health: Global organization for young Health and eHealth interoperability
  • Jürgen was holding a keynote named „IHE - An open framework and methodology for achieving interoperable Health Information Exchange“ (overview about IHE) last Friday at their „Social Entrepreneurship Challenge“ in Berlin and sold IHE with „open arms“, warmly welcoming them as the „new generation“ continuing driving interoperability forward following us present ones
  • Jürgen is connected now to the lead persons and will hold and extend the contact to them
  • Young Leaders of Health Website

Next meeting

  • June 7, 2017, 11am CDT

Global Deployment Coordination Committee