GDC Minutes 2017-01-09

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  • Participants
  • Jürgen Brandstätter
  • Sungkee Lee
  • Yasunari Shiokawa
  • Approval of agenda
  • Approved

Organizational status

  • Status

Team building

  • Program Planning Committee Members
  • Jürgen Brandstätter (IHE International / GDC)
  • Sungkee Lee (IHE Korea)
  • Hee-Joung Kim (IHE Korea)
  • Michio Kimura (IHE Japan)
  • Yasunari Shiokawa (IHE Japan)
  • Vincent McCauley (IHE Australia)
  • Peter MacIsaac (IHE Australia)
  • Adam Chee (IHE Singapore)
  • Der-Ming Liou (IHE Taiwan)
  • Chang Wei-Pin (IHE Taiwan)
  • Tony Cui (IHE China)
  • Weimin Meng (IHE China)
  • Yong Xin Zhou (IHE China)
  • Charles Parisot (IHE International / GDC)

World Summit Program Development

  • Working documents
  • Opening and Closing
  • VIP keynote
  • Sessions
  • Thematic Blocks confirmeed with slight changes:
  • Block 1: "IHE in production and evolution"
  • Block 2: "How does IHE contribute to your Health strategy?"
  • Block 3: "Panel"
  • Social Event
  • Sungkee and Salt agree that it's a good opportunity to have a social event
  • We continue to work on that
  • No new version created

Speaker confirmation, abstract and bio

  • Skipped due to time

Showcase in parallel

  • Intended concept:
  • HIMSS supports a showcase, by offering support on cost-level (without profit)
  • Showcase must be self-sustained on a cost level (room, booths, beamer, seats, etc.)
  • Showcase will be part of the industry-exhibition
  • Vendors participating are sharing the costs for the Showcase (about 3k$) AND run the showcase according to the story
  • As reward, they are considered as a "exhibitor" of the AsiaPac17 conference and present from Tue-Thu
  • IHE role: Management, Choreography/Story, Getting vendors, Moderating the Showcase during the AsiaPac conference
  • Assumption: 4 showcase runs per day
  • Discussion:
  • Sungkee: There are most likely 2-3 companies in Korea stepping into such an activity
  • Simple profiles should be selected (e.g. PCD, devices)
  • Salt: Cannot guess about the motivation of Japaneses companies, but is will to make connections
  • Effort to organize is not small. Needs a strong will and engagement to accomplish
  • For the World Summit it's an optional add-on
  • Decision: First, a champion within this group must be found to lead this sub-activity
  • IHE Australia will be approached first
  • If not, Sungkee could try for a simple showcase

Any other business

Next meeting

  • Decision: We continue with offline work until next milestone reached. After that doodle for a next Program Planning call.
  • Milestones Examples: VIP Keynote fixed, Marketing first steps accomplished, Social Event draft arrangement, Showcase

Global Deployment Coordination Committee