GDC Minutes 2016-12-07

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  • Participants
  • Jürgen Brandstätter
  • Mike Nusbaum
  • Stephane Spahni
  • Alexander Ihls
  • Jamie Kontos
  • Approval of agenda
  • Approved

World Summit 2017

  • Organizational status
  • Contract (MoU) done!
  • Program Planning status

IHE Deployment Committee Reports

  • Decision: Report is approved to be forwareded to the Intl. Board

New approach for reporting, dissemination and tour-de-table

  • Status

Usage of IHE Profiles and Engagements in Projects

1. National Deployment Committee (NDC) engagement in Domain Committees

  • Have NDCs join a “NDC Liaison Membership” to one or more Domain Committees by registering an NDC Liaison Contact Point
  • Contact person needs to work for an organization that is an IHE intl Member
  • IHE should put in place a central registration service for the NDC to designate their list of NDC Liaison Contact Points updated across all domain committees of interest to them. This way the Domain co-chairs can easily know who these contact points are and maintain these relationships.
  • Domain Co-chairs to communicate with these NDC Liaison Contact Points at regular intervals, such as:
  • Start of a new Domain cycle
  • Decision about new work items/supplements for cycle
  • Public Comment issued
  • Trial Implementation being issued
  • NDC Liaison Contact Points shall bring:
  • Input comments during domain Committee reviews and profile selection process
  • bring forward new profile proposals to the Domain Committees
  • other NDC members at specific times in the Domain cycles, this creating recruitment opportunities for domains
  • DCC needs to offer a generic domain participation “education” package (format to be decided such as presentation, text document, recorded webinar), with domain customizations. If the registration system above works well and the domain committee co-chairs maintain one-to-one relations ships with NDC Liaisons, this education can be an on-line tool.

Will be implemented first by DCC Will be reviewed for support by GDC

2. Create Discussion Groups for implementation and deployment of each profile (or set of related profiles) like we have for XDS and HPD when the traffic for a specific profile is too high for the generic Technical Committee mailing list.

  • Each Profile Discussion Group should have a deployment champion that establishes the Discussion group (being the domain technical Committee until the traffic warrants a distinct Profile Discussion Group)
  • The profile deployment champion with the profile author shall place the link to register to the Discussion group on the wiki profile description page
  • The “national initiatives domain contacts” should be placed on that Discussion Group at creation
  • An announcement should be issued by the “profile champion” to:
  • The domain planning and technical committees members
  • The “national initiatives domain contacts”
  • IHE News so that all IHE members may register
  • When IHE Intll members renew their membership, they should be asked to:
  • register on profile specific Discussion Groups
  • register on domain technical or planning committee membership.
  • The IHE International Board members

Will be implemented in a second step after proposal 1 by DCC Will be reviewed for support by GDC

3. Having implementations register with IHE

  • Products: Data mine the Product registry plus the IHE Conformity Assessment Reports. When should this be communicated how ?
  • Deployment Initiatives: Encourage them to register. Not sure what is the best way.

Will be reviewed by GDC


  • Issue: "Contact person needs to work for an organization that is an IHE intl Member"
  • 3 options identified:
  • 1) As stated
  • Problem finding persons locally
  • 2) A NDC (since paid member to IHE International) may send persons as full member to Development Domains (same as for all members)
  • Problem: This my lead to reduced IHE Intl. membership, because it's enough to be member locally
  • 3) Compromize: Option 2, but limited to one single representative to all Development Domains
  • This person must act as proxy/contact point and distribute locally

Any other business

  • Report on CBIS 2016 event in Brazil (Mike)
  • CBIS: National association on Health informatics
  • IHE Brazil had a one-day symposium in conjunction to this meeting
  • 60 participants
  • National standard, including PIX/PDQ and XDS and Content Standards of OpenEHR
  • Intentions: Combine OpenEHR Content Standards with XDS

Next meeting

  • Jan 4, 2017, 11am CT

Global Deployment Coordination Committee