GDC Minutes 2016-04-28

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  • Participants
  • Jürgen Brandstätter
  • David Mendelson
  • Michael McCoy
  • Mike Nusbaum
  • Attila Farkas
  • Jamie Kontos
  • Andrea Garay
  • Elliot Sloane
  • Chris Carr
  • Didi Davis
  • Charles Parisot
  • Loida Lleonhart (HIMSS Europe)
  • Kim Mancha (HIMSS Europe)
  • Approval of agenda
  • Approval

WS Marketing

  • Synchronizing and Todos
  • Promotion strategy
  • Action item: Weekly registration reminder will be set up (Chris)
  • Message blocks for promotions
  • Detailed Panel descriptions + a personal statement by Panel chairs + Panelists already confirmed
  • Action item: Ask Panel chairs for a description/statement/panelists (Jürgen)
  • All except Christian Lovis are on this call
  • Interoperability Showcase
  • Action item: Tie has delivered message block, forward to Chris (Jürgen)
  • Keynote speaker: picture, bio + a personal statement, such as "I am looking forward to ..."
  • Action item: Ask Gerald Cultot (Jürgen)
  • Action item: Ask Mariann Yaeger (Didi)
  • World Summit 2013 Istanbul Image Video
  • Action item: Pass to Andrea for publishing on YouTube (Jürgen)
  • Live Reporting of the event
  • Live operating of Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Action item: Ask Alan about reporting live from the event, price? (Jürgen)
  • Loida: Will check, if that person could be registered as "media" (with no registration fee)
  • HIMSS Media and Press
  • International Press will be invited by HIMSS next week
  • Will be informed about all optional events (such as World Summit)
  • Decision: Contact person for press has to be defined: Mike Nusbaum
  • Action item: Spokespeople for Interviews have to be defined (Programm Planning Committee)
  • Proposals: IHE International Co-Chairs (David, Michael), Jürgen, Panel Chairs

Any other business

  • None

Next meeting

  • Tbd at next Program Planning call at May 3, 2016

Global Deployment Coordination Committee