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*Juergen Brandstaetter - IHE Austria/IHE Intl
*Juergen Brandstaetter - IHE Austria/IHE Intl
*Mike Nusbaum - IHE Canada
*Mike Nusbaum - IHE Intl
*Stefan Sauermann - IHE Austria
*Stefan Sauermann - IHE Austria

Latest revision as of 12:13, 6 May 2015


  • Chris Carr - IHE USA
  • Evert Sanders - IHE Netherlands
  • Jamie Kontos - RSNA/IHE Intl
  • Joan McMillen - RSNA/IHE Intl
  • Juergen Brandstaetter - IHE Austria/IHE Intl
  • Mike Nusbaum - IHE Intl
  • Stefan Sauermann - IHE Austria
  • Stephane Spahni - IHE Suisse


  • Approval of agenda - Agenda approved.

IHE Deployment Committee Reports

  • Submitted for review
  • Reviewed report. Approved for presentation to the IHE Intl the Board on May 14 tcon.
  • Reviewed report. Approved for presentation to the IHE Intl the Board on May 14 tcon.
  • Action: Chris to request comments, future participation on GDC calls and participation on May 14 Board call.
  • Pending and contacted
  • IHE Italy - Due in January. Requested several times.
  • IHE UK - Past due. Last report is from 2013.
  • IHE Japan - Past due. Last report is from 2012.
  • IHE Spain (España) - Past due. Last report is from 2012.
  • IHE Europe - Requested.

Education WG

  • Defines roles and compares to other professional certification programs
  • Most are done in partnership with a dedicated exam provider
  • Action: Next step is for Stefan to invite exam providers (one from Europe, one from North America) to jointly develop business plan including the financials of the ICP program

Developing new (structured) Deployment Committee Report Template

  • Deferred to next call

World Summit

  • IHE Intl Board has given the GDC approval to explore approaches for planning a World Summit
  • Event is likely to have greater success if based "centrally" in Europe
  • Association with Connectathon or other health IT event with built in attendance would likely improve chances of success
  • IHE Europe Connectathon 2016 will be based in Bochum, Germany, which may not have accessibility or appeal for international travelers
  • European Community eHealth Week in Amsterdam 2016 as one possibility
  • Action: Organize call to discuss with GDC and broader community; Juergen to write cover letter; Chris and Jamie will send out Doodle poll to schedule

Global Deployment Coordination Committee