GDC Minutes 2015-03-04

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  • Participants
    • Joyce Sensmeier (IHE USA)
    • Mike Nusbaum (IHE Canada)
    • Jamie Kontos
    • Nichole Drye-Mayo
    • Juergen Brandstaetter (IHE Austria)
  • Approval of agenda - Approved

IHE Deployment Committee Reports

  • Submitted for review
  • ACTION: Jamie to send out reminders to co-chairs for reports
  • ACTION: Jamie to fix formatting of reports prior to review by GDC and Board
  • Pending and contacted
    • IHE Italy - in progress
    • IHE Switzerland - will submit following General Assembly on March 6th
    • IHE UK - in progress
    • IHE Japan - awaiting response
    • IHE Spain (España) - awaiting response
  • Feedback on Report Template
    • Open issue: Include Connectathon results and statistics (if applicable) onto Deployment reports - or provide a link to Connectathon results?
      • Number of organizations, vendors, participant, domains, test statistics, etc. - shows impact of testing and provides holistic picture of deployment committee

Education WG

  • Current status

World Summit

  • Current status