GDC Minutes 2014-09-03

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  • Housekeeping (10:00-10:05)
    • Role call and previous minutes
      • Jürgen Brandstätter
      • Mike Nusbaum
      • Chris Carr
      • Didi Davis
      • Joan McMillen
      • Stefan Sauermann
      • Lapo Bertini

  • Education issues (10:05-10:25)
    • Stefan shows concept of Person Certification in slides
      • []
    • Decisions:
      • GDC is the better home for the Education WG than DCC. So the Education WG shall be founded under the governance the GDC.
      • This activity shall be presented to the International Board for final approval. GDC will formulate such a request scheduled for the next Intl.Board meeting.
        • Action item: Formulate the motion (Chris)
      • Jürgen will be the board representative of the Education WG to the Intl.Board
      • Stefan is asked to start populating and inviting to the WG with people out of the profile development scene (e.g. Steve Moore, etc)

  • GDC Governance and Process (10:45-10:55)
    • IHE Deployment Committee Reports
      • Review Schedule and start coordination of the process
      • Action item: Contact Harm-Jan and ask if he wants to continue maintaining this within the GDC (Chris)
      • If Harm-Jan doesn't want to continue, Jürgen will take over this responsibility
    • Consider reducing frequency of GDC calls to monthly or bimonthly
      • Decision: Monthly
      • Action item: Change Outlook invitation (Chris)
    • Improvement of Integration Statements
      • Skipped
    • National extensions
      • Skipped
    • Instrument "Webinar" could be introduced
      • Skipped

  • World Summit Continuation (10:50-10:55)
    • Brainstorm will be scheduled for the next call on the basis of the outcome of the last call
      • Leadership, Venue, etc.
    • Slot will be explicitly announced before and Intl.Board members will be invited to get as many as possible attendees

  • GDC Strategic Planning Proposal Update (10:45-10:55)
    • Skipped

  • Next steps (10:55-11:00)
    • Next call October 1, 10-11am CT

Global Deployment Coordination Committee