GDC Minutes 2014-03-05

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  • Attendees
    • Mike Nusbaum,Juergen Brandstaetter, Kevin O'Donnell, Chris Carr, Joan McMillen, La Shawn Edwards, Nichole Drye-Mayo


  • World Summit (15 minutes)
  • Logistics: RSNA staff working with meetings staff and Chicago Hilton and Towers
  • Program and speakers update
  • Action Item: Panel organizers to draft one-paragraph abstract and distribute to group by March 12.
  • Keynote speakers:
  • WHO leadership, eg, Director of Knowledge and Technology? Could talk about general goals. Regional leadership or secondary figures focusing on standards and technology. Work through contacts to get VP of WHO.
  • IHE USA leadership, ONC: Karen De Salvo the ideal speaker
  • Announcement plan and schedule
  • Send request to keynote speakers
  • Joyce to reach out to WHO contacts provided by Kevin
  • Chris to draft letter for HIMSS Gov Relations to deliver to ONC
  • March 15: RSNA to confirm hotel venue and have save-the-date announcement ready to send Monday, March 17
  • GDC Governance and Process (10 minutes)
  • Add form to update contact information. Send over Board co-chair signatures. Ask for response by March 19.
  • GDC Board Report Schedule
  • GDC Strategic Planning Proposal Update
  • Report on WHO 2nd Forum on eHealth Standardization and Interoperability - Juergen Brandstatter (15 minutes)
  • Next call: Wednesday, March 19, 2014, 10:00am CT

Global Deployment Coordination Committee