GDC Minutes 2013-11-20

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  • Juergen Brandstaetter
  • Chris Carr
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo
  • La Shawn Edwards
  • Joan McMillen
  • Mike Nusbaum
  • Stefan Sauerman


  • World Summit - Feb. 19-21, Orlando, Florida
  • Logistics and venue planning
  • Cost: $545 registration; $75 for optional dinner; $100 for guest (opening reception plus dinner)
  • Break-even point is approximately 40 paid registrants
  • Plan for excess revenue: add some on-site premiums; establish fund for ongoing outreach/marketing/communications around GDC issues
  • Logo and Web Page
  • Registration to open 11/25
  • Distribution Channels: IHE monthly newsletter; RSNA Informatics Newsletter; HIMSS information exchange newsletter; RSNA SIIM banner ad; IHE Deployment Committees follow-up letter with detailed invitation and call for participation in GDC; Printed piece for RSNA demo
  • Plan for launching registration: opening date 11/25
  • Review steps needed to launch registration
  • Cvent site - including IHE Intl merchant account
  • Link Cvent to Web page
  • Add program to Web page
  • Emails to lists above
  • Consider Sponsorships - return to discussion after Dec. 9
  • Goal to offset costs and add amenities (signage, attendee premium items, keynote speaker reimbursement)
  • Review Juergen's sponsorship package developed for 2013 event
  • Adjust start to 8:30 each morning
  • Adjust close on Thursday to 5pm; social event begins at 6
  • Keynote to start on Thursday; Second Keynote to start afternoon on Thursday; Third Keynote leading to Closing Session
  • Panels should be 90 minutes to allow for four presentations and discussion
  • No ending lunch on Friday. End at 12:30 or 1:00
  • Two Interactive discussion sessions on topics related to keynotes? eg, on Implementation Case Studies or testing services; schedule at end of Thursday and leading into closing session on Friday; moderator to engage audience, organize discussion
  • Gather slide responses from national deployment
  • Keynote slots:
  • Health record system officials; need to make sure that overseas candidates are willing to travel
  • Request Board members to brainstorm candidates; invite GDC representation
  • Fill in panel details
  • Invite a delegate from every deployment committee to speak on topic to be determined
  • GDC Governance and Administration - further discussion at onsite meeting
  • Send information to national deployment committees requesting that they designate representatives (primary and alternate) to GDC; obligation of national deployment committees, including amended language from Governance document

  • Face to Face Meeting at RSNA2013
  • Tuesday, 12/3, 2-4pm; Deployment Projects meeting to follow
  • Agenda

  • Next call scheduled for Dec. 4; rescheduled to Dec. 18

Global Deployment Coordination Committee