GDC Minutes 2013-10-23

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  • Lapo Bertini
  • Juergen Brandstaetter
  • Chris Carr
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo
  • LaShawn Edwards
  • Joan McMillen
  • Joyce Sensmeier


  • World Summit
  • Logistics and venue planning
  • Working on contract with Rosen Center; have meeting room space; working
  • Create spreadsheet with all costs to track overall financials and set registration fees. Juergen has provided tracking spreadsheet from last year's event.
  • Include marketing and outreach costs; onsite logo materials, premiums, signage
  • Program and speaker planning:
  • Action Item: Chris to put out call by 10/25 for speaker suggestions and panel topics/speakers; comments due by 11/5; discussion on 11/6 tcon
  • Consider honorarium or cost offset for keynotes (3-4)
  • Juergen has developed draft program outline
  • Promotion Planning
  • Theme approved via email: Building Bridges to Better Health/Health IT standards and interoperability in a global context
  • Action Item: RSNA staff to send save-the-date announcement
  • RSNA to work to develop content and submit for review to GDC: draft distributed by 10/29; comments by 10/31; Send out initial round by 11/1; follow-up lists week of 11/4
  • Distribution Channels: IHE monthly newsletter; RSNA Informatics Newsletter; HIMSS information exchange newsletter; RSNA SIIM banner ad; IHE Deployment Committees follow-up letter with detailed invitation; Printed piece for RSNA demo
  • Plan for launching registration
  • Need to include date in save-the-date: consider 11/25
  • Review steps needed to launch registration in Zoho project mgt tracking system
  • Consider Sponsorships
  • Goal to offset costs and add amenities (signage, attendee premium items, keynote speaker reimbursement)
  • Juergen has sponsorship package developed for 2013 event to share with the group for review on next tcon
  • GDC Governance and Administration
  • Action Item: Chris to send information to national deployment committees requesting that they designate representatives (primary and alternate) to GDC; obligation of national deployment committees, including amended language from Governance document
  • Schedule face-to-face meeting during RSNA
  • Tuesday, 12/3, 2-4pm; Deployment Projects meeting to follow
  • Next call Nov. 6

Global Deployment Coordination Committee