GDC Agenda 2022-10-05

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  • Participants
  • Approval of agenda
  • Permission to record this session

National Deployment Committees

  • IHE USA Deployment Committee Report (deferred to 2Nov22 meeting)

Special Presentation

  • Title: IHE’s role in WHO’s digital health agenda… and WHO’s role in ours
  • Speaker: Derek Ritz - IHE Canada
  • Abstract: WHO’s department of Digital Health & Innovation (DHI) was established Mar-6, 2019. Unsurprisingly, the early work of this new department has been largely focused on the COVID-19 response. Multiple specifications and reports released by DHI have named IHE’s specifications directly and / or in the context the OpenHIE blueprint that leverages IHE profiles as its foundation. IHE’s conformance-testing capabilities play a foundational role in WHO’s plans for digital health public goods. For IHE’s part, the refreshed IHE Strategic Plan explicitly references WHO as a key tactical collaborator and calls out the important role IHE can and should play in supporting digital health uptake by LMICs. The Oct-5 GDC presentation will highlight ways IHE’s global public goods are being leveraged by WHO and, in turn, the ways WHO’s digital health initiatives are tactically important to IHE’s refreshed Strategic Plan.
  • Good “homework” for GDC members would be to watch a few short “explainer” videos that will help provide useful context for the presentation:
Future Presentations and tentative schedule 2022
  • Nov (US/EU): tbd
  • Dec(EU/Asia): tbd

Global Consortium for eHealth Interoperability Update

  • Status (if time permits)

Open Forum (informal information sharing)

Other business

  • A proposal was presented last month to:
  • extend the special presentation format
  • introduce an "IHE dinner table"
  • Hoping to discuss these points and make a decision on how to proceed. If approved, we could use the monthly slots alternating for a "special presentation" (for public) or a "Dinner table" - as we have topics submitted.
  • One "Dinner Table" topic for continued discussion is "Standards for international covid certificate, and the role of OpenHIE"

Next meeting

  • Wednesday, November 2, 2022, 09:00-10:00pam CT (EU/US friendly time)

Global Deployment Coordination Committee