GDC Agenda 2019-10-29

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  • Participants
  • Approval of agenda

EMail Banner

  • Status update (Jürgen)

Proposal GS1

  • Status update (Esther)
  • Proposal: Having a GS1 session at the WS, and a IHE session at the GS1 event (vice-versa video broadcast sessions)

Requests for slots

  • CEN 251/ISO 215 WG7 and the NHS UK are doing to develop a standard for safety and quality of healthcare Apps
  • Charlie McCay
  • Industry panel
  • Netherlands government (Tie)
  • Imaging taskforce, 30min (Karima)
  • Presentation of questionaire report on feedbacks, best practices and lessons learnt on "sharing Imaging" in Europe
  • Speaker: Alexander Schanner
  • National Contact Points for eHealth (NL program lead and Dutch hospital)
  • Dutch National Breast Cancer Screening programme 2020 based on IHE XDS

Program Planning

  • Material:
  • Discussion on Topics, speakers
  • Welcome
  • Action item: Check IHE Intl. co-chairs as speaker (Jürgen)
  • IHE Strategic Achievements and Directions
  • EC Speaker: "The role of standards for Interoperability in the eHealth Strategy of EC" (Jürgen)
  • Steve Posnack, ONC: "The role of standards for Interoperability in the eHealth Strategy of ONC" (Jürgen)
  • eHealth Network slot (Stephane)
  • Jamie Ferguson: "Interoperability in practice, practical learning and feedback - Perspective 1" (Jürgen)
  • EU Hospital chair speaker: "Interoperability in practice, practical learning and feedback - Perspective 2" (Jürgen)
  • Radiology and Patient Outcomes - Requires Interoperability from Enterprise to Cross-border level!: Contact other speakers (Ron)
  • Spare slot
  • Ideas: Medication, IHE as enabler of a global market, ...
  • Panel
  • Closing first day

  • Welcome second day
  • GS1 slot (Esther)
  • Switzerland: Benefits of Interoperability Testing in national projects (Stephane)
  • Belgium speaker slot (Karlien)
  • eGabon project speaker (Stephane)
  • GDHP slot (Jürgen)
  • Gemini / HIH collaborative slot (Jürgen)
  • IHE Closing Keynote
  • Closing

AHIMA, eHealth Week Croatia

  • Discussion


  • Define next steps

Next meeting

  • tbd

Global Deployment Coordination Committee