GDC Agenda 2016-10-14

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  • Participants
  • Approval of agenda

Organizational status

  • Status

Team building

  • Program Planning Committee Members
  • Jürgen Brandstätter (IHE International / GDC)
  • Sungkee Lee (IHE Korea)
  • Hee-Joung Kim (IHE Korea)
  • Michio Kimura (IHE Japan)
  • Vincent McCauley (IHE Australia)
  • Peter MacIsaac (IHE Australia)
  • Adam Chee (Singapore)
  • Der-Ming Liou (IHE Taiwan)
  • Chang Wei-Pin (IHE Taiwan)
  • Charles Parisot (IHE International / GDC)
  • Extensions?

World Summit Program Development

  • Working documents
  • Definition of "Thematic blocks"
  • 1.Block "IHE in production and evolution"
  • Educational character
  • Could cover:
  • Typical use-cases and best-practices how to cover them with IHE
  • New profiles
  • Conformity assessment
  • Updates out of countries (Asia, but also out of US/EU)
  • 2.Block "Health strategies and reports out of Asian countries" (good title must be found)
  • Participants report on their doings in their countries (Health strategies, What are the approaches used (top-down, bottom-up), ...)
  • Candidates for speeches:
  • Australia: Monica Trujillo, CEO Australian Digital Health Agency (Jürgen has contact)
  • Malaysia/AeHIN: Fazilah Shaik Allaudin, Director of TeleHealth Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia (Jürgen has contact)
  • Other possibilities: Korea, Japan, Taiwan (covered by IHE folks)
  • Followed by a moderated round table: "Common issues and pitfalls?", "How IHE had or could help in this?", etc.
  • 3.Block "Round table or panel to a particular (urging) use-case/problem to discuss several approaches to resolve" (good title must be found)
  • Roundtable or Panel style with 3-4 panelists
  • Possible urging use-cases/problems: tbd, should be an actual one

  • Identification of VIP keynote
  • First preference: An official from Singapore (IHIS?)
  • Status: Possibilities in Singapore, "ministry level"

Any other business

Next meeting

  • Tbd

Global Deployment Coordination Committee