GDC Agenda 2016-07-06

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  • Participants
  • Approval of agenda

IHE Deployment Committee Reports

World Summit 2017

  • Status of discussion
  • The following conclusions/recommendations have been taken during the work with the representatives of IHE Japan, Korea and Australia together with the HIMSS AsiaPac staff:
  • The representatives of IHE Japan, Korea and Australia recommend holding that event
  • The event should be an “IHE World Summit”
  • Benefits are high, risk of brand damage is very low
  • The length should be a 1-day event as a pre-conference day to the HIMSS AsiaPac
  • Format should be more in the style “IHE introduction/education” + real project/deployment reports out of Asian countries
  • Educational topics should include IHE General, Testing, CASC, Connectathon
  • More presentations, less panels/interaction
  • Participation generated out of IHE Japan/Korea/Australia alone about 20 persons
  • Speakers out of IHE Japan/Korea/Australia can be delivered (China should be added as well)
  • Formal approval needed for starting negotiations with HIMSS AsiaPac to create a MoU

World Summit 2016

  • Post-Marketing

Education WG

  • Status

Any other business

Next meeting

  • Aug 3, 2016, 8am - 9am CT

Global Deployment Coordination Committee