GDC Agenda 2015-07-01

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  • Roll call
  • Approval of agenda

National/Regional Deployment Committee Membership

  • What will their status be until dues are paid? (provisional, transitional, interim, etc.?)
  • When will dues need to officially be paid in order to retain membership?

Education WG

  • Current status

IHE Deployment Committee Reports

  • No reports submitted for review
  • Pending and contacted
  • IHE Italy - Due in January. Last report is from 2013.
  • IHE UK - Past due. Last report is from 2013.
  • IHE Japan - Past due. Last report is from 2012.
  • IHE Spain (España) - Past due. Last report is from 2012.
  • IHE France - due in July. Last report is from Oct 2014.
  • IHE Germany - due in August.

New Report Template

  • Current status

World Summit

  • Status (tcon held on 6/30)

MarComm Activities

  • Tracking presentation opportunities
  • Tracking implementation case studies

Global Deployment Coordination Committee