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  • Participants
  • Review and Approve Agenda

World Summit Status Quo

  • Mission
  • The World Summit could be the one “truly international” IHE event to give IHE an international touching base.
  • A spot to "meet" and "feel" IHE
  • Bring people together and create communication
  • Among IHE Deployment Committees
  • Between IHE people and IHE-interested parties (gov, projects, ...)
  • Demonstrate the "excellence" of IHE
  • Raise the image and reputation of IHE
  • Celebrate ourselves
  • Let participants from Deployment Committees feel as an "IHE Family"
  • Strategy to fulfill the mission
  • Provide a high-class program, venue and atmosphere
  • Not "Working Group Meeting" character
  • To attract high-class speakers, IHE champions and audience
  • Past events
  • Successfully held in Istanbul 2013
  • Two times cancelled in 2014 (Orlando, Chicago)
  • Skipped for 2015
  • Next time 2016?
  • Event concept (in Istanbul)
  • Key notes held by IHE Internals + Panel sessions to certain topics + Social events included (even hotel booking)
  • Advantages:
  • Panellists were recruited out of participants -> no additional costs, no blocking because of waiting for speaker confirmation
  • People felt convenient and not just as listener but a kind of "active part of the community" -> teambuilding factor ("we are IHE family")
  • Lessons learned
  • Start to plan and announce early
  • Having good marketing and communication
  • Liaison organizations must be used for marketing (HL7, ISO, ...)
  • For cost coverage: 70% of the audience must be activated by the region, rest can be filled international
  • Deployment Committees must be strongly enchoraged to activate their members
  • IHE people have to be treated same as external participants (no bonus for the "own" event)
  • Organizing team must be solid, champion needed to lead!
  • A lot of work -> financing concept is needed

Strategic questions

  • Do we need such an event?
  • How does it fit to CATs, HIMSS or other regional IHE events?
  • What purpose and character should it have to make sense?
  • Possible dates/locations?
  • Which region (Europe, US, Asia, ...)?
  • Jun 8-10, 2016 (Wed-Fri) -> we could place it Mon/Tue
  • Q: Other surrounding events conflicting?

Next Meeting

  •  ?

Global Deployment Coordination Committee