GDC Agenda 2014-11-05

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  • Welcome
  • Participants
  • Approval of agenda
  • Approval minutes of last call (Oct 1, 2014)
  • Status GDC F2F meeting
  • GDC Governance and Process
  • New GDC call schedule (monthly)
  • Outlook invitations are not present
  • Status action item: Change Outlook invitation (Chris)
  • Status action item: Contact Harm-Jan and ask if he wants to continue maintaining this within the GDC (Chris)
  • Education issues (Stefan)
  • Discuss outcome of presentation in Intl. Board
  • Status recruiting people for WG (Stefan)
  • World Summit Continuation
  • Brainstorm will be scheduled for the next call on the basis of the outcome of the last call
  • Leadership, Venue, etc.
  • Proposal to continue the process (Jürgen)
  • As basis for dicussion: A mindmap shall be created elaborating and summarizing the following facts/issues/brainstorm pieces:
  • Vision, Mission, Goal, Purpose, Target-Audience of the summit
  • Key parameters of the current concept
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Summarizing organizational and financial issues
  • After that discussion/decision on
  • Future World Summit concept
  • Building a sustainable core leadership and team who organize the annual summit which rotates globally
  • GDC Strategic Planning Proposal Update
  • Other work-items to be streamlined
  • Improvement of Integration Statements
  • National extensions
  • Instrument "Webinar" could be introduced
  • Any other business
  • Next call

Global Deployment Coordination Committee