GDC Agenda 2014-08-20

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  • Housekeeping (10:00-10:05)
    • Role call and previous minutes

  • World Summit (10:05-10:20)
    • IHE International Board of Directors feedback
      • Wrapping up and lessons learned on the planning and marketing of the event
      • Impact of this cancellation on reputation and image of IHE
      • If and how to continue with the concept
        • Summary of comments for distribution and next steps

  • GDC Governance and Process (10:20-10:35)
    • IHE Deployment Committee Reports
    • Improvement of Integration Statements
    • National extensions
    • Instrument "Webinar" could be introduced
      • Possible topics: "How to run a Connectathon?"
    • Consider reducing frequency of GDC calls to monthly or bimonthly

  • GDC Strategic Planning Proposal Update (10:35-10:50)

  • Next steps (10:50-11:00)